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Description and overview of Pioneer’s new line of CDJ players.
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18 thoughts on “PIONEER PRO DJ – Global Sound”

  1. The cameraman is such a jerk…!! don’t really know what to focus…just the opposite of the DJ..
    awesome works…love the mix..!

  2. Normally, CD players have to convert the digital audio from the CD or MP3 file to analogue. But if you have a DJM-800, DJM-2000, DJM-1000 or SVM-1000, they all feature digital inputs.

    Connecting digitally means there’s no audio conversion. It simply means the sound you get out of the CDJ is exactly what is on the original source.

    The CDJs actually use such high quality DACs, that the analogue output is really fat and some people prefer that more analogue sound.

  3. so its not that big of a deal cause i was thinkin of pickin these up but some people bad mouth it so wasnt sure

  4. Digital output has been put on a lot of units out there, basically its a higher definition audio signal, however not to many mixers out there have digital inputs that’s why it hasn’t taken off as much.

  5. yeah its an 800 with usb and the cdj 900 and 2000 layout pioneer aint stupid they made sure it didnt come with a digital out or a network input to hook up 2 cdjs
    otherwise it would be a silver 900 – bit stupid tbh they could of atleast gave it a digital out 😐 PIONEER NO OFFENCE WASTE OF A CDJ MODEL

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