Pioneer DJM-800 vs. Ecler EVO4 [866-PRO-MIXX] DJ Ty compares the popular 4-channel Pioneer DJM-800 club mixer with the nearly released 4-channel Ecler EVO4 mixer.

25 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-800 vs. Ecler EVO4”

  1. i like pioneers CDJs and ecler’s mixers, the evo 4 IMO kills te 800, i just like it more for effects and the build feels better.

  2. Are the crossfaders midi enabled?

    And yes, Ecler has supreme soundquality.. lots of headroom and great EQ’s

  3. I like my djm 800 plus I have yet to use 1 at a club most provide the djm 800 or 1000 I got to try out the evo I did like it as well but like I said most clubs will provide a pioneer

  4. i agree 100%, but i do have the DJM-800. and i must say it’s better than any of the mixers i used in the past, but yes its way over priced.

  5. so?
    evo 4 has better sound and better build quality
    the djm 80 looks heavier and more metal like which is pretier but doesnt have the same sound quality as other high end dj mixers.
    i own that mixer and iam preaty disapointed from the build quality and sound. its a fun reliable easy to use mixer plus looks good but isnt better than other mixers in terms of sound filters build quality.
    i should have got a xone 92 or rane or evo4.

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