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Pioneer DJM-800. efect with sweep, crush, filter & harmonic Pioneer DJM-800. efext with sweep, cruch, filter & harmonic toon is martin brodin ” siberian transit”

Demo Video on the DJM-800 from Pioneer Pro DJ UK with Rik Parkinson. Part 4 for download in a series of 12 clips
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47 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-800. efect with sweep, crush, filter & harmonic – Global Sound”

  1. I didn’t know about that than/then thingy, just Googled and 0_0. I came here to see the review of mixer but i am learning English too! Thanks a Million!

  2. onekid86: been trying to research this for awhile, but wouldn’t you say the roll effect on the DJM800 (and ftm the loops on the CDJs) are “imperfect”. If you lay over a 4/1, it will go out of sync with the track playing (either creates loop that is too long or too short). Insight?

  3. gor what is this one green button on the mixer which is called tap. is it for mixing that the second song u wanna mix with the first gets the same bpm?


  4. im stuck tho! in september im upgrading no matter what its just wether i should upgrade from my cdj 400s to 1000’s or upgrade the mixer most people have said get 1000s but i love this mixer!±

  5. J, you’ve connected something the wrong way, because I am listening trough my headphones, I am wearing them the good way, but for exemple at 5:35 , I can hear the low frequency sounds on the right side (which should be left) and the higher frequency sounds on the left side (which should be right).
    Just a small detail, but I thought I would just tell you.

  6. I would need one of these mixers to truly appreciate all the demos you have given on it.

    Hah, you’ve made the urban dictionary. congrats.

  7. sorry, I do not understand the English speech at the hearing. I have seen in the description of the title track. is martin brodin ” siberian transit”

  8. I’ve attached the stuff to my PC- Soundcard (Line-In) and use my PC speakers, but an Amp with speakers will work the same way 🙂

  9. so when you get the mixer and turntables, what else would u need to go with it? like would i need an amp or something?
    (i’m new to this stuff)

  10. nothing to do with making me feel good, it means people like what I wrote. That’s how youtube works I believe.

  11. Sorry, I didn’t know you feel good when you get a high rated comment on youtube. Didn’t mean to make you defensive, I will stop now

  12. Yeah, doesn’t it just make you feel great by degrading other people to just feel better about yourself 🙂

  13. Check out my new mix called «Crazy Dirty House Mix» and tell me what you think about it!!!!!

  14. no the 800 doesnt have those effects the only difference is the 700 has a single frequency filter for all channels and the 800 has one for each channel i own the 700 an its a great mixer

  15. whats the difrence between the 700 and the 800? can u do up roll n down roll on the 800 ?

  16. plus there is a roll effect and your colour effects buttons on the left with manual control over things like crush, filter, pan, etc.

  17. when i first started using my djm 800, i think i had a loop and then changed the beat parameter and it stuttered as i did. just like in the video when he changes the beat perameters with the effect it seems like nothing is happening with his loop aswell, and when i loop something on a cdj and changed the beats to 1/16 or what have you it dosnt stutter down

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