Pioneer DJM-800 Demo Video – Midi Features- Part 9 – Global Sound

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Demo Video on the DJM-800 from Pioneer Pro DJ UK with Rik Parkinson. Part 9 for download in a series of 12 clips

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13 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-800 Demo Video – Midi Features- Part 9 – Global Sound”

  1. any tips on mapping a Roland MC 909- everytime i change effect on DJM800 the sound patch changes on the 909 which i dont want to happen-

  2. hi men,
    The Livecut effect is in Ableton live ?? do you know where could have a Roll effect plugins like djm800 ?

  3. of course, but djm 600 sounds so bad… DJM800 sounds nice!! even if you don’t use the MIDI part, the DJM800 is better then a lot of other mixers on the market, so its price… is not SO high as it might seem !!

  4. you can do the same thing with a $150 control surface. This is seemingly more of a commercial for Ableton. If you pay $1600 for this mixer, (unless you’re going to actually use its advanced midi capabilities) you’re gtuck with a glorofied midi controller with nearly the same capabilities as the DJM600. Forget the harmonic mixing stuff. It causes awful sounding digital distortion. I LOVE MY UREI!

  5. hey, i’m new to midi and have a question…with this setup, can an additional midi controller be mapped to ableton to use effects and stuff without taking up mixer space, but also have the mixer and CDJs synched to the midi clock so you can use the mixer for stuff from the CDJs??

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