Pioneer DJM-800 Demo Video – Freestyle Explained – Part 7 – Global Sound

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Demo Video on the DJM-800 from Pioneer Pro DJ UK with Rik Parkinson. Part 7 for download in a series of 12 clips
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19 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-800 Demo Video – Freestyle Explained – Part 7 – Global Sound”

  1. you can loop a roll at an extremely high bpm so it sounds like a synth sound and then control the pitch with the speed slider

  2. same mate! in september im geitng an 800 upgrading from 600 cant wait! am going to hook it all up to ableton an have a cdj on cha 1 an 2 an ableton on ch 3 an 4 😀 cant wait!

  3. I”m pretty sure he’s just using the Roll/Reverse Roll to sample, and then uses the other filters to play around with it. Not to mention using the Loops/Pitch control on the CDJs

  4. How is he recording/looping the fake synth sounds?
    Does he have ableton in the back or something, or can it be done with serato?

  5. How good is the 800 eh! I use the 600, almost got enough £s to upgrade…..can’t wait! Pioneer push the boundaries once again. Does anyone know what the best software is to use along with the 600/800 which will allow me to have complete control over tracks I’ve made on my laptop? Currently use Reason, but don’t know how to pitch control tracks during mixes. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers.

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