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Global Sound – Pioneer DJM-800 In this video i show you how to use the roll feature on the djm-800 and hot to take the roll from the original channel to any other. fro example the roll was used on channel one, so take it from here to channel, 2 or 3 or 4
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There are two companies who make industry standard club DJ mixers: Allen & Heath and Pioneer. The Allen & Heath XONE:92 and Pioneer DJM-800 are without a doubt the most prominent mixers in clubs today. While not all of the features in the XONE:92 or DJM-800 are in the less-expensive models of mixers from each company, there are some design and function decisions that trickle down to each companies’ lower priced mixers. This video covers some of the fundamental differences between the XONE and DJM mixer series. Follow The DJ Podcast Twitter – Facebook –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. So it’s essentially like sampling a region of audio on the fly? Very cool! Will def play around w this! Here’s a question though: what happens if you disengage the roll function? will you lose your loop or will it still be there if you switch channels and re-engage it?

  2. Good Video!
    Este Video ayuda a muchas personas que buscan mas explicaciones sobre como manejar DJM-800 de antemano muchas gracias!

  3. I own a DJM-800 and did not know till now I could do that LOL I guess that is why we watch youTube videos!

  4. i have a question cus im beggining looking into buying a djm 800 but would this go along with it : cdj-1000 (2) nd a mac (laptop) and traktor??? need some help here. sorry if it seems like a dumb question. just need some help thank you

  5. i’m starting, considering the dns2700 or the ns7,i’m not familiar with scratching but would like to learn not on vynyl though. currently have cdj2’s for back up and just vdj/laptop and a dxmo1usb. I’m wondering is better/verstile/efficient etc whichever to have good mixer with effects or players with effects. what is more practical better for investing in long run. Thanks

  6. xone 92 u have to get 1d or 2d added for extra effects but hardware likewise xone has more manual touching- good for house and tecnho – deeper end in eq
    the pioneer djm 900 has a little more built in effects but not as high end in developing easy access, eg the rotary effects switches are a pain in the ass and tweaking, eq is not bad
    and no need for extra power trnsformer

  7. Guys I have a question for you, I have to decide between the xone 92 and the djm 900. Which is the best for you? I usually play techno and electro house. Thx.

  8. on the pioneer, the send/return, y can’t you assign it to all channels by assigning the effects to the master channel?

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  10. I would recommend what I did when I was starting out. Buy a used mixer that is a generation or two behind. Something like the Pioneer DJM 500 will give you all the input and outputs you’d ever need and has all the standard features. That said, you need to make sure the product is in good condition. Don’t buy a product for its name alone. If you want to buy a new mixer, just look at the products in your price range and go from either. A mixer from either company will be great.

  11. Hi , I recently purchased DJM 500, I noticed something strange about him, after 15 minutes is more powerful bass without moving anything. is this problem ?

  12. Leds not affected by EQ the most stupid thing… For what sombody do that? In club when im drunk i must see not only hear. Next thing, better is send return button than knob dry/wet that knobs can by use like filters (djm 800 style) but no we do some other shit and we are cool. 😉

  13. Plug an rca to 1/8th cable into the master 2 of the 250. Then plug the 1/8th end into the line in port on your mac.

  14. Yes, you could use an X1 and Audio 2. DJs use all sorts of soundcards with Traktor. Some do use NI cards.

    Depending on your laptop, you could potentially use that setup to record your mix. It all depends if your laptop has a line-in port. If its a mac, then you’d be all set to record too. The Audio2 does not have any inputs, just 2 outputs.

  15. So if i pair the 250 with the X1 and a Audio 2 sound card + Traktor I’d be good to go? That’s what DJs use to hook up Their laptops to club mixers right?
    Also, would I be able to to record my mixes in Traktor just with the Audio 2 hooked up to the mixer as I can with my S2?

  16. I haven’t used the DJM250 myself, so I can’t say that I have any first hand experience with it. I owned a DJM500 for many years and did like it though. The DJM250 has no midi controls, so it can’t control Traktor or any other software application. You would need a soundcard to get the audio out of your computer to the mixer as well as a midi controller to control Traktor.

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