Pioneer DJM 700 Mixer Demo

Rik Parkinson guides you through the Pioneer DJM 700, a superb mixer , teaching you the basics of the unit, some tricks and tips and what happens when you put it all together. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part video exclusive to HTFR, being demonstrated before the official relase date, so don’t forget to check the other part out for the complete experience! Stepping up and building on the legacy of the legendary djm600, the djm700 mixes in some of the features of the flagship djm800 for a performance orientated mixing master piece. Featuring 96khz/ 24-bit digital sampling system with 32-bit dsp (digital signal processing) it delivers incredible, head-turning sound. Renowned for their effects, pioneer haven’t held back in this department with the djm700. Innovative beat effects and pitch adjustable roll sampler provide mind-blowing opportunities for live re-mixing. You can cut beats from your track and stutter for on-the-fly performance and editing. There are also nine other effects including delay, echo, transform, filter, flanger, phaser, reverb, robot and the djm800’s crush effect. On top of all these effects, the world first effect frequency filter opens new doors for expression. It can be over-laid with the bpm synch effects for filtered flanges and other never before heard effects. It can also be used independently as a manual filter with high pass (remove the bass) and low pass (leave only the bass) that a-list dj’s love to use to work crowds into a state of frenzy. 49 of
Video Rating: 4 / 5 | List of modifications: – Detachable Power Cord – 3-color VU-meters – White center-points on EQ-s – Heavier master fader – Better time-parametar knob – Fixed knob caps
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Hi
    I am looking to upgrade from a DJM 600 to a DJM 700 or 800, but one thing that I have not been able to see on these new mixers that I really like on the DJM 600 is that on the DJM 600 it is possible to view on the display both the BPM of the track playing aswell as the BPM of the track in the headphones if AUTO BPM is selected on the effects/sampler menu. Is it possible to see both BPM’s on the 700 or 800? Many thanks J. Merry Xmas n Happy New Year

  2. Yes, you will need an adapter from MIDI->USB if you want to assign the buttons and stuff. And you will need an external soundcard because this mixer does not have one. If you want to use this to control the internal mixing from Traktor, that is also possible, but that would be a waste of money :). Then you better buy some kind of dedicated MIDI controller

  3. hi, im a begginer dj and im planning to buy this mixer.. how is the duration and function of it?? does it last?

  4. muy simple la djm 700 no lleva cuatro entradas digitales para que te sake mejor calidad, k por rca.. cuatro effectos mas k lleva… y unas entradas de booth monitor por jack .. y muy importante 500$ de diferencia un saludo loko xdd

  5. what digital effect mixer do i need to make different sounds when some one is talking on mic???? any one know

  6. The DJM 700 and DJM 800 are both regarded as industry standard mixers seen around in clubs around the world. They are both midi compatible, but one of the main differences is the DJM 800 has extra fx on each channel which can be used for harmonic tuning and filters to name a few. Enter MR175565 and MR233308 on our website for more info 🙂

  7. we sell a great deal of dj equipment at HTFR. Both Pioneer mixers and Allen & Heath mixers are regarded as industry quality 🙂

  8. no the djm mixers do not have kill switches, however you have got full kill eq using the rotary eq controls.

  9. there is a bpm counter on the djm 700. For the bpm related effects, there is the option of auto synchronize too.

  10. Both of the mixers have great sound quality, which is why pioneer mixers are generally known as an industry standard pioneer mixer. They both have 96khz 24bit sound processing.

  11. unfortunately the intimidation touch only has a 2 deck feature. For a 4 deck DVS system, have a look at traktor scratch pro 🙂

  12. is there any other brand than Pioneer for you? because if you trow both an allen & heath and a pioneer out of a window, I know which one survives. tip: it isnt the pioneer 😉

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