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I created a sample with the DJM600 and had some fun. I know my scratching sux, you dont have to tell me that. I also know that the sample is sometimes of beat, you dont have to tell me that. Just a sampler trick you can use 😉
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Pioneer DJM-600, CDJ-800 and efx 500 4 sale good price!

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27 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-600 fun – Global Sound”

  1. I have been doing this shit a long time 16 years and I’ve had every piece of gear you can imagine. This gear is perfect for starters
    To pro’s so think before you post some dumb shit. I am selling everything for $2000 and free shipping.
    You can’t beat this deal if you had to.

  2. Iamroma
    u must be just pricing one cdj 800 mk2
    My auction is for two re due the math now.
    It’s a hell of a deal. Just one new cdj800mk2
    Is $700 ( now) w/ out a case!
    Your saying you can get them for $400 a player?

  3. Not to mention that DJM-600 is a crappy mixer from sound quality point of view. Pioneer fixed that in DJM-800/700 mixers. Either step up to 800, or if you have an EFX unit like EFX-500, get a real nice mixer without effects, like Ecler Nuo 4.0 (much better quality than DJM-600 and same price).

  4. $1400 is no the final price, it’s just the starting bid, because it clearly states that “reserve is not met”. Here are new prices with free shipping, DJM-600 w/case $870, CDJ-800 w/case $800, EFX-500 w/case $500. Total price new $2170, and you can easily get %10 off if you get everything from one dealer, which makes it around $2000. The reserve price is at least $1600 plus $65 shipping, which makes this deal less than %20 off, nothing special, %30 off or more would be a good deal.

  5. Yes the one with the digital effects on the screen. I dont own it but had tried it out in a friends house a few months ago. I dont own it so I didnt get used to the feel of the faders, great mixer, not for me though, since Im more into Yamaha and Behringer studio line mixers

  6. just a thought, i assume this gear is all 110 volt. bit of a pain using transformers is it not

  7. you can get adapters, if thats the case for ya, but shipping is going to rape you. these things aint exactly light

  8. SOMEONE LOAN ME 2500 ILL DO ANYTHING. I SUCK YO DIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK, MAN (no homo, just a Dont be a Mennace quote…)! i need a fucking job dude, im sick of finding all this cheap shit and not being able to splurge.

  9. It says reserve not met. The auction is a no go if the price is lower than the owner wants.

  10. Well being a buzzkill, behringer mixers do have there ups and downs. Im not one to say, I have a Behringer UB1222FX-Pro, the transformer blew in it, like my friends one aswell, a 646 3 channel mixer and want to get a Djx700 because im getting it very cheap. Yes the faders go bust but the build quality is great. Pioneers tend to have low noise, better built faders and feel strong to mix on. I used the DJM-600 and DJM-500 and you really notice the difference in feelness from the behringer line.

  11. Good equipment has no price. It’s an investment. As long as you know what you’re doing that is.

  12. Hey buddy, i have a Behringer mixer.the UB1222FX-PRO,16 inputs, low noise,premium mic preamps,FBQ feedback detection/control,digital 24 bit multi FX processors, 6 mic inputs, aux send and return foot pedal control etc.. can run a band from this thing and i only paid like $250 for it new! why people spend thousands on a mixer baffles me, maybe the brand name of pioneer? i can get 2 Mackie SRM450’s for what people pay for some of their pioneer mixers! you don’t need that much mixer.

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