PIONEER DJ rekordbox Software Overview for the CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 Omni-Players @ NAMM 2010 – Global Sound

Global Sound – DJ Lars walks us through the new rekordbox software for use with the new CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 @ the PIONEER DJ booth @ NAMM 2010. rekordbox will analyze your music files for use with auto BPMs, quantized loops, hot cues and hot loops. You can also build your set lists, organize your music, add album artwork and more.

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13 thoughts on “PIONEER DJ rekordbox Software Overview for the CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 Omni-Players @ NAMM 2010 – Global Sound”

  1. stupid comment… setting hundreds of purposeful loops and cue points = creativity in what tracks you mix and how you mix them – having those cue points set up can help a great deal in a set, even if you dont end up using ALL the tracks that you organized into your set (doesnt mean you wont use them for the next set)

  2. People are always going to hate, cause they think they have the correct way for all to function and operate. You don’t have to buy CDJ’s to play them. And you don’t have to plan/prepare a set, but maybe organize at set. Stop trying to tell people how to play and worry about yourself!! Success is success, fail is fail, no matter how you go about it. How ever you get to the end result is up to the individual.Vinyl rocks, but I’ve seen some sync guys destroy it with their programming.Boom Haters!


    i dont see the point of setting hundreds of loops cue points etc for songs that i might even not play at a gig most the time you dont even play what you plan to if your in a normal bar / club environment. once again pioneer finds another way to boost there price tags on equipment to the beyond rediculous point lol but the bit he said at the end where there gonna make it like serato / traktor etc would be good hopefully they dont charge people extra for the upgrade if it even is an upgrade.

  4. I love my Cdj’s but I can tell you the Rekordbox software is the worst nonsense I’ve had to deal with ver as a Dj of 20 years.. I miss playing vinyl.

  5. TheInfinityMagician

    Is there any way to use the advantages of rekordbox with normal CDs? I got my CDJ-900 two days ago and I am not able to bring neither the BPM nor the waveform onto the CD to use it on the CDJ. The CDJ would often show wrong BPMs (for example when playing songs with offbeats) and would also need long times to prepare the waveform on the screen… Eventhough I analysed the songs with rekordbox.
    Would be glad to get an answer!

  6. i gt few questions.
    i have the money for either a djm 800 or 2 cdjs 900 if i sell my 400s.
    i want to know whats best to buy first. mixer has all cool effects but the cdjs have the link feature n can be connected to rekordbox.
    now Q’s about rekordbox, can u have live mixes off it if its conectd or is it jst used fo settin cue’s. can u have them connected and use the app to auto beatmatch and will show the waveforms over eachother so u know if the beats is right?
    any help wud be awsum!

  7. rekordbox is more of an organizational and program software that allows you to organize and categorize your library, set cues & loops, etc and even export songs to a flash drive with that information attached when it loads on a player that is rekordbox-ready. Requirements are listed on the pioneerdj website.

  8. is the Rekord box software like a vdj or traktor? and what are all the requierements to play on it.

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