Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 vs CDJ-2000 Comparison from DJ Ty from gives a comparison overview of the latest from Pioneer DJ – the CDJ-2000 and the CDJ-900. We compare the platters, jog wheel adjustment, display screens, and other features between the 2 newest CDJ Digital turntables from Pioneer DJ. The CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 will play off of CD, and USB formats such as flash drives, iPods or External Hard Drives. It’s rumored that there will be native support coming end of 2nd quarter this year for the CDJ-2000. Native mode means you can control Serato Scratch LIVE without timecode. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to use the hot cues and hot loops. Both CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 offer support for Traktor Dou/Pro. Both have a built in sound card that when connected to the computer can be used with DVS software like Traktor, Mixvibes, and more. The Rekordbox software shipped with the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 is VERY powerful. Make sure you check out our Rekordbox videos coming soon!
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  1. It seems to me you cdj dj’s are trying so hard to emulate what digital dj’s do. So much hassle when you should just buy a Novation twitch. Job done plus alot of effects. Move with the times.

  2. I tried cdj 800, 850, 1000, 2000.. So I can say, that 850 is really BAD choice. The display is really small, you can´t find anything from the flashdisc.. The material of the player is bad too, it´s like toy. And the line cabel is missing, you cant connect two players. Don´t buy 850, this is my opinion. CDJ 900 or CDJ 2000 are really better.

  3. 666xGuitarplayerx666

    What you SHOULD buy is Club standard (CDJ1000MK3 + DJM800) Question is, how much money do you have?

  4. if you can please respond to my question I would greatly appreciate it. How did you disable the BPM decimal point on the cdj-2000?

  5. for people who have used both of them is the 900 the same size as the 2000? would be really helpful if any one cant tell me thanks

  6. Hello, I’m a dj who is just starting out and would like some opinions and help on which cdj and mixer I should buy. I currently use a Numark Mixtrack Pro controller.. Yes I know most controllers are looked down upon but I just needed something to start out on and get the feel for djing. Now that I’ve gotten the feel of things I want to get more professional equipment so I can get a lot better and start doing shows, so if anyone can please help me out I would greatly appreciate it

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