PIONEER DJ CDJ-2000 CD/MP3/USB/MIDI & Serato Scratch LIVE Controller Overview @ NAMM 2010 DJ Lars from Pioneer DJ walks us through the new PIONEER CDJ-2000 top to bottom. We cover the new platter, how to search for songs, strip search lock, the display, browsing, loading from USB and more. The CDJ-2000 is looking to be the upcoming de-facto standard player for nightclubs all over the world. Serato told us at NAMM to look for native support in Version 2.1 shipping in April 2010.

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  1. I look on the pioneer website and according to the specs of the cdj-2000 the link port is only 100 base-t, if that’s the case how can it be twice as fast as USB 2.0 which has 480Mbps versus 100Mbps, now if the port is gigabit then I understand that the speed is actually what DJ Lars mentioned.

  2. NO! You do not have to use the control CDs for SSL on Firmware 3.1 and up. Everything is native control on the decks themselves. And it has very tight latency which is awesome.

  3. You wouldn’t be able transfer songs, but I understand what you mean. PC and Mac iPods should work just fine, just no protected files.

  4. What about connecting your usb port with the usb cable to your ipod? Can you transfer your music on your ipod directly to the 2000?

  5. son, hahaha if you watched the video with “CC Transcribed audio” it soo funyy what it sayss hahhaa

  6. Yes they support Serato & Traktor. I haven’t tried Virtual DJ yet.

    What is it you were doing? Were you doing DVD video or DVD data?

  7. am i mistaken or does this model support serato??? im sure i seen that in the specs on its release…

  8. After five years of being one of the very few full-time DVJ turntablists – I’ve gotten rid of them to trade UP to Serato and Virtual DJ…
    I don’t miss the overpriced pieces of shit not reading my custom burnt dvds…and costing me $1,000 in maintenance everytime the lasers burnt out…or lugging around my coffin case to every club because they never bothered spending a shit load on these things…
    Now i just plug into whatever equipment they have…

  9. Great vid but that’s not right about the iPod. If you plug in an iPod that’s not run through rekordbox (don’t run ipod through rekordbox, no need) it will show play lists and you will be able to search, no need to use folder structure on an ipod and you wouldn’t want to anyway.

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