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This video compares the differences between the CDJ-850 and CDJ-1000 when displaying waveform data from an “audio” cdr (not from data or USB). The movie shows how the CDJ-1000 reads ahead of the audio at high-speed to quickly display the waveform to the DJ, where the CDJ-850 displays the waveform data slower, in real-time, giving the DJ no advance track information. On thing to note – if using pioneer Rekordbox Software, waveforms are analyzed in advance and stored on a USB drive and this is no longer a problem
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  2. Are your windows settings set to show Hidden folders, because all the cdj information (waveforms , hotcues , cues) are all saved in a hidden folder

  3. i ve got a cdj 850 and im getting other so i want to copy the cues, loops and waveforms from an usb to another but i cant do you know how to do it??? no files appear on the usb folder but when i put the usb on the cdj and i insert a cd it shows all the info!!! i cant understand!! could you help me????

  4. Surely this was just down to the burn speed of the cd?should be X2.Either that or the cdj needed a software update.

  5. I really don’t like Cds.. I HATE them. I prefer digital USB or SD cards, they are much faster and you can make folders easily which is a must if you tend to do a cool mix without much waiting around (which imo is boring and lame)… And plus CDs get corrupted easily.. I say go all the way digital or stay vinyl.

  6. I disagree that using waveforms is a crutch because when mixing vinyl records, you already use waveforms, in the grooves. I don’t use them to anticipate the drops or breaks, but to make it quicker to move the “needle” more quickly to the point I want to cue.

  7. How about using mp3 DATA cds witht the CDJ 1000 MK3 ? How fast does the MK3 load the wave form that way ?

  8. The good thing about learning to DJ on older CDJs or on Vinyls is no dependency on as many features, i’m about to get a pair of CDJ 850s to replace my set which was stolen. You shouldn’t depend on wave forms to know where your drops or breakdowns are, you should be able to anticipate it, count your beats, feel it, whatever you do aside from using the technology, same with beat and tempo matching, you can use the equipment, but its better not to become dependent on it.

  9. If you analyse your tracks in rekord box, then burn them to a cd… will the wave form display predictively from the CD or only in real time?

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  10. I played on an CDJ 850 last night. Hence why I’m here. First of all, I couldn’t even find the WAVEFORM (obviously because it was so slow in uploading), as I was used to 1000mk3, & 2000’s. All that I can say, is that without the WAVEFORM the 850 SUCKS. What a waste of money. I hated it. Not being able to see where the drops and rises were on new tracks. I’ll be taking down my own CDJs next time.

  11. Ok the cdj 2000 reading with a same speed the tracks..But if i’m playing from usb or sd..and the tracks has been edited with the record box before i plug in to cdj..the wawe form or the track infos are all there..same with the 850..

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