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Check out the latest Pioneer CDJ-850 and get a full rundown of how it compares with the CDJ-350, CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000.

Mat P. for Pioneer shows us a few of the newest best features of the CDJ-900 & CDJ-2000
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18 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-850 and Line-up Positioning Comparison – Global Sound”

  1. Analysed tracks combined with the decimal BPM display just makes faster mixing. Nothing to do with having the skill :).

  2. i have a cdj900 and a cdj2000 and i prefer the 900 the slip mode is awesome! the 2000 is great with the hot cues but as long as you learn to use rekordbox you can compensate

  3. The music in this video is too loud for the talking which gets annoying… I love the 850s, getting some this week.

  4. i’ve got the 900s and i’m very happy with them! don’t buy the 2000s! it makes more sense, to buy instead of the 2000s a more expensive mixer. the slip mode is it worth, to skip an optical more attractive jog… and the display of the 2000s is not big enough, it’s still very unconfortable…

  5. It all depends on what kind of music you want to play, and how you want to play it. Personally I don’t really need slip roll or funky loops and that’s all that separates the 900 from 2000 other than price.

  6. whats the song at the very beginning that says, “im just got to find my way far away from home”?

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