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As CD Players become much more mini-computers with all their features and gadgets it can happen that it’s firmware needs updating. This is a very easy process on the Pioneer CDJ-series. Here is a short clip (just over 1 minute) that shows how this 2-step process is done. The buttons you need to press vary from CDJ to CDJ, this clip is for the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 only ! This video was made by Lead for You should check and download the latest version from Demonstration Lead Camera Lead Editing Lead

Pioneer CDJ-1000 : eject problem, bug

I can’t read any cds on my CDJ-1000. This two cds are “clean”, so I think (and it was) optic block is broken. Pioneer Forever !

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18 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Firmware Update – Global Sound”

  1. I didn’t have any problems with mine it played like its normal but I sold mine cdj 800 mk2 u probably why that I sold them I bought them for mistake sense I am a cdj fan but I really wanted the cdj 1000 mk3 but sense something new that came out the cdj 2000 Ima get that but is good for the club but also I am a musician.

  2. tnx man gia tn exw ta mk1 k vlepw edw autes tis istories k lew mipws ginete k sta dika m… tespa tnx again 😛

  3. ta mk1 den pernoun enimerosis gt den diavazoun arxia mp3! mono oi seires tis pou paizoun mp3 dld: cdj200,cdj400,800mk2,1000mk3;)

  4. Often the IC protectors are defect or maybe the laser need cleaning, or you myst replace with a new one.

    I made a movie that shows that a spring somehow got inte to the laser, and burned 3 IC protectors.

  5. @stounba5
    I have the same problem at one of mine cdj 100s ,this is the only soloution for this problem.??


  6. damn!! id cry if a problem would happen wit my 900s like that!!=( but glad to hear u fixed it dude=)

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