PIONEER CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 yes, you can D Link the two

PIONEER CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 yes, you can D Link the two

PIONEER CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 yes, you can D Link the two Atach the D link cable to the units and you can use the music off one player on the other/ SD and USB

The CDJ-2000 is the ultimate technologically advanced multi-format player in the world. No matter what your media preference is, the CDJ-2000 can handle them all with great performance, reliability, and confidence. It enables playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD, DVD-ROM, SD card and USB memorydevices. You can also assign various buttons of the CDJ-2000 to trigger other devices, such as DJ effecters and software with MIDI mapping capability. With Pioneers new Pro DJ Link you can connect up to fourCDJ-2000s and share a single music source from just one player. For displaying song titles, jacket art as well as detailed track information, the CDJ-2000 has a unique 6.1 Full Color LCD panel andGraphic User Interface so DJs can find information needed to select a song easily at a glance. Both the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 turntables include rekordbox, Pioneers proprietary music management software that organizes and catalogs a DJs entire music library. When music files are imported to rekordbox, thesoftware analyzes each file and prepares them for use specifically with the new CDJ turntables.The CDJ-2000 is the natural selection for performing DJs worldwide.

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  1. How do i link both of my cdj 900’s together? I’ve put the USB in one and pressed link on the other, but nothing comes up. any ideas? All of the wires are correctly put in

  2. Are you able to link 3 cdj 900’s together when using a hard drive that is connected to one cdj, and how do you do it? Does the mixer come into play at that point?

  3. check out some vids out there .. trust me , there are lots xD

    but i’ll give u some … actually , basically , its the cdj 900 mixed with the 1000 = 2000 … but its better 😛 like, the cue points …. JUST WATCH xD

  4. The 900 is a little bit chaeper than the 2000…
    What are the main differnces between them?
    Can U help?

  5. i really want your mixer cover! do they do them for the behringer djx750 4channel mixers ? or isit just special edition mixer ?

  6. …also, the tune you briefly mix in around 0:45? can you tell me the name of that as well please? thanks

  7. can you tel me the name of the song looping in the background? would love to hear the whole tune. thanks mate.

    (more beat loop options and slip mode so u can beat loop without ruining your beatmatch)

    (no loops options but the a,b,and c hot cues,, jog adjust,,more little details..)

  9. Thanks for all your vids! Very helpful. Wondering… I notcied you faded to the next song using the volume controls rather than the cross fader, did that just happen or is that a better way to fade songs together? Also, whats the best way to get the volume the same on a new track when fading to it. Thanks 🙂

  10. lol? your a dumb fuck. just because someone says stfu doesnt mean hes insane idiot.. it means that hes annoyed from the other persons comment

  11. @lnocizw I already told you most of the music pro guys hiding the best software from the public. But i heard that this is the best software used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. i found it here ==>

  12. HA I left that over a year ago and am just reading it back. My views have changed slightly. I use both ableton AND cdjs in my sets or sometimes just one or the other. That way I get the best of both worlds and the crowd can see i am interested. CDJs are funner to use and more interesting for the crowd to see, the trick is to make your laptop look as if it’s just as fun to use.

  13. I agree with both of you guys to a certain extent, but I gotta say that watching a DJ on a laptop isn’t really entertaining. As a DJ and someone that frequents concerts, I thoroughly enjoy watching someone enjoy what they’re doing. Watching someone hunched over a laptop does not look fun. I prefer to see a DJ use standalone mixers and tools that doesn’t require a computer. This is just my opinion though.

  14. Don’t go and compare this to a controller. A controller only sends MIDI data, and maybe has a soundcard inside it. Thats it. This thing has a few reasons why it is so expensive: 1:You can make money with it, a big nightclub makes tons of money and a pair of these is an investment. 2: It plays CDs, SDs, USBs, has LAN connection and MIDI connection, show me a controller which can do that. 3: Pioneer has a brand to defend.
    Not saying the price is a good thing, but this isn’t for starters..

  15. You almost get what you pay for… I bought the 2000s and as great as they are I could have saved myself some money and just bought (I wont say the brand to avoid stupid comments) lets say something less and made up for it in skill… honestly I wouldnt tell anyone to get these unless they have a ton of free money or for someone with no skills… Anyways I hope my comment was helpful. To recap these are great CDJs but a bit over costing.

  16. uhm… it might be easier, but you still need skill to throw a nice mix… even if the tech helps you out a lot with the BPM’s and all that, you cant just throw in a song in a song.. needs knowledge and a good music ear to mix up 2 songs. I do agree on that it makes it really easy but again… like kly45 said, does the crowd care? no they dont, they want good songs and mixes they can dance to :)))

  17. as much as i love usb, i still get excited when i throw in a cd and the animation comes on the display of the CDJ lol

  18. You sir, are such an ignorant ass. First of all, being able to beatmatch and play vinyl are important things to learn. But it’s time to live in the 21st century and take advantage of new technology. Sure beatmatching is fun, but will the crowd care? No. Using ableton means because there is no beatmatching you get time to do more interesting stuff with the music and make it your own set. Any pretentious dick can mix two songs together, get off your high ground and fuck off

  19. buddy u don’t even need ur ipod! – that still needs a wire. just bring a USB drive and ur golden for the night!

  20. good on you crash… totally agree, its so sad seeing all these “wanna be” DJs running around with virtual DJ and all that BS. but in all honesty these decks are amazing. i mean you get the skill of ear and the ability to mix old school style (set track method to vinyl) but u have the modern ease of using mp3. Its like Serato and technics vinyl only plus side is now u get an alien like tech and no need for a comp!

  21. No you dont u can scroll on the sound wave were the beat starts with your finger and you can just use your finger to make small adjustments it alwo creativity yes cuz u can do more with your mix but it makes cueing and mixing way to easy i just hate seeing these new kid djs with a midi and auto tune on ableton VINYL WILL NEVER DIE! so get some technics and learn the old school feel 😉

  22. dude…. you still have to use your ears when syncing 2 tracks on a CDJ… + CDJ’s allow DJ’s to be much more creative with their sets.

  23. FFS!!! whats with everyone dissing these cd decks? there fucking amazing.. yeah they ARE overpriced and could be cheaper but its pioneer. solid sexy cdj.
    and please people who cant afford shit stop dissing . you just sound thick

  24. Wow i gess anyone can be a dj these days if they pay the price its kind of sad going from vinyl and the 800s to this… all the new dj tech is fuckin stupid u can see everything leaves no room for the skill of the ear and fuckin ablation has auto tune wtf djs are now just using midi controllers and a lap top your no dj if your a midi looser. most of them no nothing about beat matching or cueing a track or mixing the dam technology tells u basicly what to do its way to user friendly

  25. You can’t i dont think, they glow red when connected by USB and used as a midi controller

  26. There is no point for these units… If you have Serato then that’s all u need… Save the money and spend it other more important things, like learning how to use Ableton Live etc…

  27. whats the point if you have a fast computer and serato other than being a some douchebag dj who wants hyped gear? this is basically a nice mp3 player with a platter.

  28. the djm 700 is a very very great mixer but it’s not better than the 800 for 4 reasons : less midi control, only 2 fader (4 fot the 800),no digital input and it only got 1 filter versus 4 (one per channel) so on the 800 so you can do more effet for example you can filter a track and an echo to another but it’s not possible with the 700

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