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Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional CDMP3 Player
Video Rating: 0 / 5 DJ Lars from Pioneer DJ walks us through the new PIONEER CDJ-900 from top to bottom and some differences between it and the CDJ-2000. We cover loading from USB, sharing USB devices over ethernet ‘link mode’ and more. The CDJ-900 is an excellent choice for the DJ looking to upgrade to a Player that will work with USB drives, still offer CD playback and control software such as Serato Scratch LIVE or Traktor. Serato told us at NAMM to look for native support (no timecode – just a USB cable – like the CDJ-400) in Version 2.1 shipping in April 2010.
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20 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional CDMP3 Player – Global Sound”

  1. Please Help, SO this System You Could Use It With Your Mac Computer Rite?
    Also With The 1000?? PLEASE Help Anybody?

  2. got it… but anyway, you won’t find a player, which can EVERYTHING… I think the play/cue buttons are just fine as they are… and there is still the huge beat-loop section. =)

  3. no problem i would just like the play button to be a stutter….. that way i can loop without have to set a loop.. get it?

  4. Pioneer is always good. I had the CDjs-200 and they are small, powerful units. Now, I’ve got the CDjs-400 and going to upgrad to CDjs-900 until 2011. =)

  5. Yeah, can you looping in CDJ 900 with Serato and press #8 Botton and see what its happen… (The loop it wont to loop good ) 

  6. i have two turntables and a pioneer cdj1000. i will be buying either a cdj1000mk3 or save more for the cdj900. i prefer the cdj2000 but like the slip mode on the 900. almost bought the 800 but thought after a week id want the 1000’s so bought one. i wont be buying any other cd’s til i get the djm800 though, the fx are great.

  7. Yes used stuff can be a good option but you have to be carefull of where you’re buying your gear from. The best is a DJ you personally know or a dj store who sell used equipement, so that way you know that the gear has been tested, a good cd player for starters is the CDJ-200 but if you wanna scratch and have the jog wheel like on the cdj-900 you should go with the CDJ-800 , who is the cheapest player with that kind of jog wheel

  8. Well buy second hand stuff. you will get second hand cdj’s that have been looked after that dj’s will sell on wen they want to upgrade to the newest model. Although not all second hand stuff has been looked after so watch out!!


  10. Djing is expensive. Especially if you want good cd players, i personnally prefer Pionner cd players . The cheapest one is the CDJ-200 at 475$

  11. SERIOUSLY!? over a thousand dollars! i though it just be 300-500$ for one! and i live in canada to so it wouldnt be any cheaper

  12. how much for one.. and is it possible just to buy two cdj900’s and connect them together with a mixer to mix songs???? please reply

  13. Nice gear. The track used on the CDJ-900 decks are “Aiiih Disco” by JohnJohn. Nice to hear they have used one of our tracks for the demonstration. Thumbs up!

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