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A short clip demoing the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Needle Search feature for track filtering and audio searching.

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10 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-2000 Needle Search – Global Sound”

  1. Nothing at all. I actually think that’s cool. The first time I played with cdj 2000’s I forgot about it and touched it accidentally. If the Needle Seatch worked while the track is playing I’d be screwed. haha lol It only shows “neddle lock” or something like it. And I was like: “omg, i’m so lucky!”

  2. – but…i have to do with rekordbox? edit the information of traks or just sync?? ihave to use when i djjing???THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In my cdj 2000 do not see the submenu with the quantity of tracks or playlists and do not know how to get the menu to search by genre color album bpm,search…so i can’t access the touch keyboard…as i have to do????????????

  4. how can i access the list which the “search,artist,etc” is written????i cannot find the search to push it,,,

  5. @Skratchworx: yes, but:

    1) w/ turntables, hands rarely cross the needle’s path. You drop, then retreat. W/ 2000s, BOTH hands CONSTANTLY move over/near/around the touch strip as you adjust buttons, knobs & platters. This means LOTs of chances to ROYALLY eff up a mix w/ the slightest finger graze.

    2) it’s REALLY easy to engage needle search when in Vinyl mode: rest the heel of your palm on the platter & extend your finger down to the strip–not that diff. from real vinyl.

    Simple & smart.

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