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Pioneer CDJ-2000 Firmware Update Instructions

How to update the firmware of a Pioneer CDJ-2000 (or CDJ-900; almost identical instructions apply).
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14 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-2000 Firmware Update Instructions – Global Sound”

  1. > Sorry, I don’t understand the question…? You don’t get that screen? Are you sure you’re holding those buttons with the power turned off?

  2. Please can you tell me that does not come on my Pioneer CDJ-2000 USB and press Reloop update the firmware if I can answer in Spanish would be better thanks

  3. > Short answer is you can’t — the software doesn’t (yet) have control over that even if you’re using the mixer and player linked. Maybe with future updates.

  4. any idea how to get the ON AIR Indicator On the CDJ 2000 to turn on when I use the DJM 900 Nexus

  5. > Depends on your country … use the links atop the Pioneer forums at forumsDOTpioneerdjDOTcom (sorry, YouTube doesn’t allow URLs in comments) to get the contacts for your region.

  6. > I would first try re-flashing the firmware and if that fails, you should contact Pioneer technical support.

  7. i tried to update my firmware but when i tried to update the firmware of my cdj 2000 it gave a error & that error called = E 7022 panel cpu error.

    after that when i start my cdj 2000 it gives me E-7022 panel cpu error.

    So what can i do now?

    plz tell me what i hav to do now..

  8. my CDJ 900 does not turn on while im holding USB and Reloop/exit buttons. Why is that? please help

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