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Pioneer CDJ-2000 E-9101 Error

Am I alone on this one? I can’t load discs in the Pioneer CDJ-2000. To make matters worse, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to reach a real person on the Pioneer Tech Support Hotline to fix this. F**k my life!
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Pioneer CDJ 2000 Test - CD vs USB

Me playing on a set of CDJ 200 and a DJM 800. Testing CD to USB. Not a very special mix, but I’m just testing out the stuff ^^, Check my other mix-videos!

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31 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-2000 E-9101 Error – Global Sound”

  1. $1500 worth of gear and you cant load a cd… i will be pissed if that happens to me, PISSED!!!! I have OCD and need my electronic equipment to be in presten condition….my 16 yrs old Technics 1210’s look brand new and still working without any glitches! That’s what I call frigging INDUSTRY STANDARD!!!

  2. If you haven’t figured the problem out yet, Call Pioneer technical support and they should take it back and give you a new one.

  3. Bruto,la compactera solo lee archivos de sonido,no software,asi cualquier compactera te va a marcar error

  4. That New Generation of CDJ was a crap, lot of errors, bad made firmware, the 1000 mk3 was much better but dont have usb, midi, soundcard. I sell my 2000 for a 3700 of Denon and is the best thing I ever done to my set, Filters, Efects, Real Vinyl, the Master Tempo works, without errors in the middle of the set that make me see as a fool

  5. its problem in the motor of the mechanism that pushes out the cd,try to replace it if the cdjs are not in warranty and you’ll fix it

  6. Same problem
    With one of my 800MK2’s….. Some days it works… Lets me pkay a first disk… As soon as i eject.. Its game over… Click click click click sound…

    Anyone know what price ballpark im looking at for repair?

  7. E-9101 is a cd mechanism error – either your loading motor is damaged, or your cd transport assembly is damaged.
    To be precise the problem is in a small GEAR specific has broken the first (tooth) can replace only that but it is very difficult to tell you exactly located at cd transport.
    The solution is to buy a transport and replace.
    if you have not known better go to someone SERVICE CENTER or if it is under warranty to get it called replace

  8. can u help me my pro link isn’t working properly the cable is wobbly at the back so the only connect from time to time tried loads of different cable but all the same. can you help?

  9. Hi Guys, I found the problem that causes Error Code E-9101.

    I just took in a CDJ-800MK2 with that error code and I fixed it. I am sure it applies to other similiar models with that E-9101 error code.

  10. If you happen to feel inclined to post a tutorial video or something of the like that explains how to fix this problem, that would be badass. My cdj 200 was purchased far too long ago to be under any kind of warrenty and I don’t have enough money to replace the deck or pay to have it fixed. =/

  11. I fail to see the test? What is it you were testing? Ok, you played a CD on one and an MP3 from a USB device on the other, but what did the test conclude?

  12. igazi gyökér … így nem kever senki se aki tud … feltolja de ,ég tempón sincs cue fel sincs véve csak az auto cue… azt amikor fent van akkor állítom joggot? hahaha

  13. the song actually has 4 beats before it begins… starts with a drum thing, so in order to get it in place, you have to do it like that. try listening to the song before commenting shit like that

  14. wow you’re bad, fake knob twisting, plus you started that song song 2 beats early. shame shitty people like you get such nice gear.

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