Pioneer CDJ-2000 & DJM-900nexus Limited Edition Introduction

Pioneer DJ will be offering brilliant white limited edition versions of two of its highly popular professional DJ gear: the CDJ-2000 digital media player and the DJM-900nexus high performance digital mixer. Limited runs of 1000 units of the CDJ-2000 Limited and 500 units of the DJM-900nexus Limited will be produced and made available worldwide. Each special edition mixer and player will come with a distinctive plaque carved with the serial number to indicate its authenticity and limited quantity, making each a must-have for the truest of DJs. The new color will be available starting in February 2012. For more information visit Introduction video featuring Miss Nine AROUND THE WORLD MIX CD http

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32 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-2000 & DJM-900nexus Limited Edition Introduction”

  1. is she one of the oners of pioneer she has some expensive shit and I’m not talking about the mixer idk where she dj’s but damn her salary is of the hook it’s just my opinion but if I had half of that money I’d probably live in a studio/apartment …

  2. well it depends..i think one of the only big differences in both the 850 k and 2000 is the hot do you want them? if you dont..go with the cdj 850 with djm 900..for me they are better

  3. Hey thanks for your answer, but I just want these Options, now can you say which one is better? THX
    I swear to Pioneer // Allen & Heath, I was never disappointed by these trademarks

  4. i personally think you should look at some denon stuff first since most cdjs from denon with a mixer will come up with the same price as your second option. Plus they come with hot cues which is a plus for a lot of people and the cdj 850 doesnt have hot cues, only the 2000

  5. Hello guys I want to buy me an DJ-equipment but i´m don´t sure what equipment I should buy : 1. Choice: 2x Pioneer CDJ 2000 and 1x Allen & Heath Xone 22  

    2. Choice: x2 Pioneer CDJ 850 and x1 Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus

    What set is more clever and better.

    please answer I can’t decide between these ones

  6. @crsfwoq yep i agree I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. Listen to this A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. i found it here >

  7. i’d normally say the same shit myself but she here happens to be the hottest and most talented female dj on the planet! so pleaseandthankyou stfu!

  8. grim fact for all david guetta got the djm 900 nexus and pioneer cdj limited edition white

    mixer number 1/500

    cdjs 1/1000 & 2/1000 ……. not fair!

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