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how to set up CDJ 2000 and Serato Native Control: you will need 1. 3 USB cables a ttm57 or SL1, SL2, SL3, and SL4 and maybe a USB HUB 2. CDJ 2000 or 900 3. Serato 2.1 and cdj firmware 3.1 Links: CDJ 2000 firmware update: CDJ 2000 Tip and Tricks: FaceBook Twitter Google+ Facebook Twitter Google+
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  1. What you don’t see however is that when two decks are connected the stupid CDJ 2000 will scroll both decks simultaneously no matter which scroll knob you use. So unless you’re looking at the laptop both decks will show the same song. Extremely stupid Pioneer! Where’s the update?

  2. am mexican and i can tell he is too by the accent, plus he mentions DJ GATO which is cat for spanish

  3. I am using a SL4 box, I get it all wel to connect the 3 USB’s from the CDJ 2000 and the serato box. Then how does the mixer gets a signal for every line, how do I connect that? I missed that part. Do I have to use specific mixers or?

  4. hey bro can i use the tractor donwload, its is not purchesed, but can u still using on your djing.? i gor the program it works but the only think is i cant upgrade, but all works normal.
    giev me some tips bro

  5. @djwiplash1 Do you experience skipping when using Advanced HID?  I wonder how common this issue is

  6. Thanks for second degree ^^ You are a funy guy and you show it with your reply and also with the irony when you use CDJ2000 & serato. Had a nice time in las vegas dj DJ (god dj) …

  7. i take it ur talking to me sooooo….ur right i suck a a dj i just bring a big ass bag of cash (all in $1’s) and through it at ppl when i get to the club. it makes for a good show maybe thats why they had me spin at Tao Las Vegas. anyway ill practice a bit more and maybe one day i can be like u 😉

  8. You make me laugh. Send me a demo by mixcloud and i will send you mine too. I mix with technics sl 1200mk2 & djm 700 . Make a set and we will see if your money can mix better than your talent. Cdj 2000 are too much expensive for what they do & the fact that you boast yourself with it exasperates me in this time where poeple believe that they are dj by their money. Fire?

  9. don’t be a hater. CDJ 2000’s is where it’s at… 900’s straight up say “I wanted the CDJ2000’s but i couldn’t afford them”

  10. ok I know this is an old video, but i just purchased CDj 2000s and all. my question is what if i use both serato and CDs still or wanna use the usb drive like have 3 forms of media. can i hook it up the way u did or do i need to run rca through my sl3?

  11. GuyFunnyProductions

    to each their own I guess, I just find it useless. I use cdjs so I can leave the pc at home.

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