Pioneer CDJ 2000 – A DJ’s Dream Come True

Pioneer CDJ 2000 – A DJ’s Dream Come True

The new premium Pioneer CDJ 2000 is truly a dream come true for all professional DJs. It is time to bid goodbye to the old players and welcome this superlative multi format player for Pioneer which is the apt equipment for all modern and next generation DJs.

The first CDJ deck was launched by Pioneer more than fifteen years ago. And today, the time has come for yet another revolutionary launch. The CDJ 2000 is a futuristic DJ player and a great addition to the digital world of music. One of the best features of this deck is the fact that it can play and stream music from several different sources like DVD, CD, SD memory cards and USB storage devices. This player is also equipped with the latest software technology, Rekordbox.

The Rekordbox has been developed to be compatible with both Mac and PC; it has all the features of a modern day music database management software but is extremely simple and user friendly. The presence of Rekordbox in the new Pioneer CDJ 2000 enables a DJ to prepare better before any concert or performance and also provides him with several tools like Quantize and Hot Cue Banks to create perfectly synced loops each and every time. The DJ also has the freedom to access a vast library of music files using this innovative software technology which can be used to perform live without the necessity to take along any extra equipment. This not only saves time but also prevent the necessity to do a lot of wiring and setting up in the clubs.

This software also does away with the need to burn CDs all the time; instead you can take along your USB device and simply plug it in to this multi format player and start to play. Another unique functionality of the CDJ 2000 is that all the music files or data can be stored on a single storage device like USB or SD and then shared with up to four other players at the same time using the LAN network. The data is also automatically stored and then a playlist is created which can be loaded back into the software for future use.

The advanced interface device or HID used in the Pioneer CDJ 2000 along with its MIDI capabilities makes this player the most sought after professional DJs. The sound quality is premium and the audio output has also been improved beyond compare.

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