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  1. When you’ve downloaded the ZIP-file, you’ll still have to unpack it. So the file CDJ1K3MN.UPD is the right file to put on your cd. Simply drag the file from the ZIP file to your desktop (or any place), Then burn CDJ1K3MN.UPD to your CD. If you don’t have 2x speed, just choose the lowest speed to burn. It works perfectly. Beware, never stop while the cd is running on your MK3, otherwise you’ll be in big trouble. Wait until it says ‘complete’. See the you-tube vid made by mmeker.

  2. Im doing exactly what you did in this video but one of my cd player just shows ” no track ” instead of updating the firmware
    But my other cd player just updated by himself, the cd worked and all
    why isnt it working on my other cd player ?
    the version on my cd player that doesnt want to update is ” main 1.40 “

  3. the song is called “shined on me” – by “praise cats feat andrea love”
    im just not sure what the remix is!

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