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This video shows how to save and transfer your coveted Waveform data from a Pioneer CDJ-1000 Mk3 to a new Pioneer CDJ-900. This is useful if you want instantaneous waveform builds on the CDJ-850, CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 from Audio CD’s you have been using on your CDJ-1000 MK3 Primarily for DJ’s who still use the CDJ-1000 Mk3s and are still using Audio CD-R so that when they gig on the newer equipment their waveform and saved cue data is still usable

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11 thoughts on “Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 to CDJ-900 Waveform Data Transfer – Global Sound”

  1. This waveform data is for a particular song or track, is it that once this waveform data is transfered to the cdj900, the cdj900 would provide waveform for any song played thereafter?

  2. Is it waveforms in general that will be generated for any track played on the cdj-900 with the waveform software brought over from the cdj-1000mk3 or is it waveforms for each different or particular track first played on the 1000mk3 must then be brought over to the the 900? That is, is it a one time waveform software transfer?

  3. yes – to both.

    Just copy the “pioneer” folder from the SD card to a USB mem stick using your computer.

    This will transfer over all the waveform data and cues from the 1000MK3 to the CDJ-850

  4. Do you think I can save a waveform to cdj 850 and can you also take cue information onto usb? Thanks

  5. Hey thus Vids helpful but let’s say i don’t have cdj1000s can I save a waveform from cdj900 cd onto USB ?

  6. Hey VJbasti,

    This Video was done using an Audio CD (not MP3 Data CD). I would assume it works the same, although I do not know for sure.

    I believe you can transfer your waveform data from a CDJ-400 similar to this (although in reverse). Just move the “Pioneer” folder from your USB drive to a SD card, and stick it in a CDJ-1000 MK3

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