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Pioneer Cdj 1000 Mk3 for sale

This is a video showing the perfect working conditions of a cdj 1000 Mk3 for sale. In here only some of the basic functions are tested. The cd player is also in great cosmetic condition. Sale Link:

Pro Tec Metal stand for 2 X Pioneer CDJ-1000 Pro Tec Metal stand for 2 X Pioneer CDJ-1000 Nothing in this tutorial is provided as legal evidence, it is provided for information purposes only
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19 thoughts on “Pioneer Cdj 1000 Mk3 for sale – Global Sound”

  1. Serios question where do you have your dj accesoir from?
    I would love to start n practice and n joy but I dont have the money to buy me those things so where can u get those things used?

  2. if you put cd’s in wont they error? because of the fact that the player isnt horizental.
    (that’s what happend to my xbox,,)

  3. Nice tutorial but why don’t you give us an idea of building such an stand by ourselfes?
    Would be lucky to see you give us an tutorial of an self-made stand!!

  4. thats a good stand but in the middle it shoud have a laptop and another thing on top of the cdj holder,because some people have 4 cdj’s and a lightbulb holder for when its dark and u cant see sht

  5. great great great very nice and coool there is the url in the describtion i need a new stand for four cdj 1000mk3 because i got two dvj 1000 and i can say i’m enter the next level

  6. YES That was my comment I said that about cabled mics, also it needs more cup holders…. do you think theres any chance they will do that too?

  7. I am guessing that the pair of CDJ’s in flight cases wouldn’t fit properly on the angled shelf.  You’d have to take them out of the flight cases for them to fit…right???

  8. from the top of my mixer to the base of the unit( where the cdj’s are) it’s aprox 9″ there is a good amount of room for you to use and the the mixer

  9. Is the height between the upper and lower place not too big? I mean when you set it on a deep surface, the lower place might be too far away? In reverse, the upper one too high up? I dont have any gear or experience but its just going through my mind 🙂

  10. This is very handy, like you said ” there space savers” I might get this you know I dont have enough space in my bedroom so could be good for me to get this. Cheers j 🙂

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