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My new relaxing tune: free download here: Positive, peaceful background music for multiple purposes. For you to chill, energize, relax. You may listen to this music while being creative or while resting. Do your meditation, yoga, some other exercises …or simply relax after a hard…
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17 thoughts on “Peaceful Background Music: Ambient Dreams – relaxdaily N°032 – Global Sound”

  1. This has gotten me into the habit, of sitting, realizing, and mediating. Really allows my mind to focus, and i can already see improvement in my life. Its one step, and i thank you. God Bless

  2. this is what i pump up my car while i drive in my nissan micra 10km/h and call me cool if you want but wait til you hear this both my windows are down half way

  3. omg thank you soo much! i’ve been trying to do my research paper for the past few hours, but I kept getting distracted, but this definitely helped!! 🙂

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