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14 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi – Flipnote Studio – Import Audio – How To – Global Sound”

  1. Hello i was watching the video and when its was over my sound didnt work please write back right away cuz i need it right now. thank you

  2. Thx this was helpful and BTW u can’t import audio for the music more than 60 seconds so thus you can’t put a whole song or make audio fill up all 720 pages …

  3. Kathleen McCarroll

    can you give a video on how to record music on a dsi without the dsi music sounding static?

  4. call4deadproductions

    I knew this. I wanna import audio that will fill up all 720 pages, without holding my DSi up to the speaker while playing music.

  5. how the heck do you import a SONG onto a flip? Trying to figure out how to move a portion of a song to a pre-made flipnote? And also how do you edit a song you uploaded?
    please answer my question! Anyone!

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