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Check out these DBX images:

Studio 1, Panorama
Image by jorik de beer
Studio 1; this is a panorama of my little studio…
– Yamaha O2R
– Yamaha Promix
– Apple Macbook Pro
– Apple G4
– Circle Sound Encoder / Decoder
– Tannoy 6.5 speakers and Mirage subwoofer
– DBX tube limiter / compressor
– Korg 01W/fd synth
– Korg Electribe MX
– Korg Electribe SX
– AEA R84 Ribbon mics with the AEA Ribbon Pre
– RCA 77DX vintage ribbon microphone
– Shure 556 vintage dynamic microphone
– Blue Bluebird Condenser mics
– Blue Baby Bottle Condenser mic
– Se Electronics Gemini II Tube Condenser mic
– EV Cardinal Condenser mic
– loads of soundeffects and some other outboard gear

Image by allert
My Little Studio feat. boss chorus, sde1000, aphex expressors, mofx, a-station, sdd1000, machine drum, dbx 166, drumstation, amt8 and fb01

Der große Vogel wartet auf uns
Image by J-Cornelius
Der große Vogel, aka A380-800, auf dem Weg von München (MUC) nach Dubai (DBX), von Emirates.