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Learning to play music (21/365)
background music
Image by LifeSupercharger
"Play the music, not the instrument." – Unknown

Day 21: I tend to overthink my shots each day. The more I try to structure my shots, the less enjoyable this project becomes. Because of my finance background, I tend to be very technical in nature. Almost everything has a formula and can be quantified. I’m trying to free my photography of this mechanical tendency of mine, and it’s been a daily struggle. I have read several books on exposure and composition and tried to learn every feature on my camera. The technical nature of photography is the easy part I reckon. I’m not saying I even have that part down, but what eludes me is the "playing the music" part. I’m merely "playing the instrument" right now. However, I’m excited at the prospect of the growth that is occurring (albeit at a snail’s pace) with each passing day.

Change of background
background music
Image by Mark Turner
They changed their ‘The Charlatans’ background thing halfway through, oddly enough at much the same time as the quality of music got significantly improved.