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Newark needs rental property laws to safeguard residents
The cost of rental registration could be less than $ 2 a month per rental. That doesn't sound like much to me, and to this landlord I would say, "No business is guaranteed a profit." Rental in Newark, by the way, is a $ 60 million per year business, and …
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Four Decisions
“We weren't paying any attention to the rental market because we were very well situated,” said Mr. Lucas, a sound engineer. But after several years of diligently saving and some help from relatives, they suddenly realized they had enough for a down …
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Sight And Sound 2012 List: How To Watch The 10 Greatest Films Of All Time
As Roger Ebert (a Sight & Sound voter) once wrote of the Sight & Sound List: "It is by far the most respected of the countless polls of great movies–the only one most serious movie people take seriously." … options — many public domain films are …
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