NEW PIONEER DECKS RELEASED (yes you heard me right!!!) PIONEER NEW SPECIES CDJ 2000 CDJ 900 – Global Sound

Global Sound – On the 17-09-2009 pioneer are releasing there new CDJ deck. Watch the clips for more information. This has been a long awaited event for the DJ community.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Training Part 4 (Rekordbox). An overview of the new Rekordbox software and features. Download a free copy now from
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40 thoughts on “NEW PIONEER DECKS RELEASED (yes you heard me right!!!) PIONEER NEW SPECIES CDJ 2000 CDJ 900 – Global Sound”

  1. It can assign the keys to midi map, so you don’t need to use the laptop for anything but typing in the names of songs. Also it is likely that the 2000’s & 900’s will have native support (this meansthey will be much more responsive for use with Serato).

  2. I was planning on going to BPM as I was gonna help out on the SEDA stand for a while, but I’ve now got a gig lined up, so I’ll have to see what I can do mate

  3. Watching the vids on Pioneers site it looks like this is a CD player with USB ports and HDD built in. It will support playlists and the software will allow you to pre-prepare sets and replay sets much like the Tonium Pacemaker does. i.e it doesn’t make a sound recording but instead records the movements and effects used and the tracks played. It then replays these tracks and replicates all the movements you used before.

  4. I am really looking forward to them and should have a demo on the new decks when we see them at the BPM show next month (unless I can get my hands on them before)

  5. Sadly not.

    In addition, it has serious lack of format support (including on the CDJ-2000’s). No support of Apple Lossless or FLAC means that for lossless, you are constricted to WAV and AIF, which are not only uncompressed (wasted space), but also don’t support ID3- or metatags. Then there is the lack of OGG Vorbis support also. These formats have been on the market for AGES, and even popular software like Traktor has support for them. That Pioneer equipment doesn’t is just a serious lack.

  6. so basically this is identical to traktor in every way except it requires way more time and effort and it costs nearly 5 times as much (assuming you buy two cdj’s). sounds like a waste of time to me.

  7. you can get timecode cds from serato. you can usw the cds with serato but u need the soundcard from it (as always lol)

  8. If I don’t use Rekordbox, will I still see a track waveform on the CDJ’s display when I play with SSL or do I have to have the tracks overviewed by Rekordbox in order to use this feature with SSL?

  9. can you use rekordbox as a sample editor and save each individual samples and their own files? and also do you need to have your computer connected at all times in order for the cdj’s to remember your presets or does the information somehow save on the usb stick?

  10. i dont give a fuck what the video is about. i was talking about the cdj 2000. i kno the software is free dude!

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