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Music is the Language of the Soul

I want to share with you my experience touring the new Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the world’s first museum to display instruments from around the world–over 10,000–with video clips at each station showing locals playing their music.

There is a rich diversity of sound. Yet the museum brings all cultures together as you experience something common to us all–people sharing their stories, their passions and their expression of life through music.

The slogan of the museum is, “Music is the language of the soul.” No matter what language we speak, we can come to honor each other through singing, dancing and appreciating the glorious sounds we make.

Three things stood out for me:

1. Music is a way we share our stories. Lyrics inform us of the past, instruct us about the present, and help us dream about the future. Music is also a great avenue for people to mock what they feel is wrong with their world. We can learn so much about others by listening to their music.

2. Dancing seems to be a human trait. I know some religions do not allow dancing. I think this is a shame. I loved watching the videos of people dancing to their music around the world, whether in ritual or play. Dancing is a part of this global language of the soul.

3. Music touches us on a deep level, affecting our emotions and attitudes. I know this to be true from my studies on the brain. Music can heal, help us learn, and take us away from our daily worries. It also enhances every experience, even while shopping.

Don’t be too busy today to listen to some music even if it is in the background while you work. If you have a special piece that touches your soul, please share it here.

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