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Global Sound – (PRWEB) July 21, 2004

It all started one hot day as Joe Reed, a teacher on summer break, was listening to Mark Boring, his brother-in-law tell him about his latest idea for a business startup. Mark had been talking to a friend who told him she had been at a party that was serving frozen drinks from a machine. The machine had been rented to make margaritas just for the party. With the machine all the host had to do was put in mix, water, tequila, and “BAM”, they had frozen margaritas for their party. No noisy blender and no ice required. Joe and Mark talked about it and agreed that it sure sounded like a great business to get into, but that was as far as it went.

About a week later the two were talking again and the conversation went back to the drink machine rental business. As they talked some more Mark told Joe that the idea had sounded so good to him the week before that he had already purchased a drink machine. Now, the two decided that they should learn all they could about the business and see if the could really rent these machines to people having parties. They spent endless hours talking to and learning from people that were doing this type of business; equipment suppliers, mix suppliers, caterers, party planners, concessionaires, and anyone else that they thought could help them make a successful product. During this time they also bought more machines, fine tuned their margarita mix, and added fruit juice slushies for kids’ parties.

At first, to gain experience they did some charity events; Thomas Jefferson Carnival, John Muir Family Picnic, and also did some parties for friends. They figured that since they were doing the events at cost that they could learn the ropes and get the word out about their business all at the same time. What they didn’t expect was the incredible response they got from almost everyone that saw their machines and drinks.

At this point they needed a name to call their new business. A few names were thrown around but it was when one of their kids was drinking a frozen fruit drink too fast and got one of those “frozen brain headaches” that the name Mr. BrainFreeze was born.

Renting machines was a good idea but Mr. BrainFreeze decided to take it a step further and deliver the machines as well. For one low price a Mr. BrainFreeze technician will deliver the machine to your house or business. Mix, cups, straws, and everything else you need to make your party a success is included. They set the machine up, mix the first batch of drinks with you, pick it all up, and clean it when you are done. No noisy blender, no more running out of ice, and no messy clean-up. All the customer has to do is flip a switch, and “just chill”. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The two really didn’t know what a great idea they had. Before they did any advertising they were receiving calls from people who had seen the machine at one of the other events they had done. They also started hearing from caterers at hotels and party planners interested in booking their machines for events.

Reed says, “This is the greatest business”. Every time we pick up a machine, we are told that it was “the hit of the party”. The host really enjoys our machine because it makes the party much less stressful and they get to spend more time talking with their guests and enjoying their own party.

Mr. BrainFreeze would love to make your next party or event a guaranteed success “Just Chill” with a Mr. BrainFreeze frozen drink machine rental.

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