Microphone Techniques and Four Confessions of a Home Studio Obsessive

Microphone Techniques and Four Confessions of a Home Studio Obsessive

Microphone techniques and building a basic home studio can be easier than they seems, especially if you have a friend that will do most of the work! If you do not happen to know a home studio expert don’t fret, there are a number of DIY home recording studio kits worth your browsing time. Music recording starter kits range from $ 200 to a dizzying $ 3000, be sure that you know how to use whatever machine you’re buying before you pay for it so that your money won’t go to waste.

A digital home recording studio is the best choice if you want to build your own sound studio, especially if you want to avoid spending a big amount of money. Although an analog studio is fine, a digital one provides more flexibility and features that will suit both amateurs and professionals.

A digital audio studio can be composed of a computer, USB microphone, sound screen and basic home recording software.

Hard drives dedicated solely on music recording are also recommended. A good studio hard drive with high speed should suffice, although it is generally advised to get an external one, just in case you would travel from one studio to another. Even though Mac OS is preferred, you can still use a PC running on Windows, just avoid installing too many softwares or refrain from installing anything unnecessary altogether. This insures the optimum performance of your recording studio computer.

Microphone Techniques

High quality home studio headphones and microphones are also worth spending a few more bucks on. If you’re a serious podcaster or an aspiring musician, don’t scrimp out on these two because you might regret it when you start getting weird quality sounds or annoying noise after just a few months of use.

There are a lot of cheap studio microphones out there that do not worth over $ 200. Although some cringe at the price, it’s better to get a good quality microphone, such as the Shure Beta 52A coming in at a fair $ 189. A Shure microphone is something to splurge on. Not only will it last for a very long time even if under dire circumstances, but the sound quality is way beyond the norm. Shures are so special that they are even being counterfeited rampantly. Lots of fake Shures are sold over eBay at dirt cheap prices. Remember if the price is under $ 99 and the seller is willing to still lower the price for the Shure studio microphone, chances are you’re just buying yourself a bogus.

The industry standard home studio headphone, the Sony MDR-7506, can cost you around $ 120. The cutting-edge design, high comfort factor and superb material quality of this professional studio headphone make it well worth its price. It also lasts for a very long time and can double as a noise canceller. This headphone is not the most high-end model, but a good number of people still prefer these studio headphones above others. Just make sure that you avoid exposing them to moisture, because the padding will deteriorate.

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