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Mic Shoot Out!: Sennheiser e609 vs Shure SM57. These microphones are two “Entry Level Work horses”, both priced at around 0. The Shure SM57 is Primarily used for Snare Drums and Guitar Amps where the Sennheiser e609 is primarily used for Toms and Guitar Amps.Both Mics are going through a Tascam US1641 USB Audio Interface into an iMac 24″ and Logic Studio 9. I did not have both mics set up on different inputs… both are going through input one (Switching the Cable and placing the mics after each take). Guitar used was a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Brazilian Limited Edition. Which Mic do you think sounds better? I will be doing more Mic Shoot-outs over the next few Months…

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22 thoughts on “Microphone Shoot-Out!: Sennheiser e609 vs Shure SM57 (Mesa Dual Rectifier/PRS Custom 22) – Global Sound”

  1. You guys are deaf. The e609 had more prominent high mids, where the ear is more sensitive, equaling louder perception. If you back away from the monitors a bit, the treble area was actually softer than expected, but definitely brighter than the 57. The 57 actually felt so much darker in comparison, which is odd, because in a mix, that fucker needs a lot of presence reduction for high gain guitars. Love the e609 on the edge though. would love to hear it off axis.

  2. Would I get a great tone if I used both of the mics simultaneously?

    I was thinking of having the Sennheiser an inch or so away from the grill of the amp and the SM57 a foot or two away from the amp. Do ya think that would sound okay? Thanks for your help!

  3. good comparison but it would have been nice if you normalized them both to the same volume. anybody using these mics would end up using the mics at the same volume anyway. and it wouldn’t change the tone with mics as it would with speakers. i thought i liked the 609 more untill i turned the sm57 up to the same volume

  4. Yeah, it definitely made me happy, I need to pick one up, after seeing this video especially lol.

  5. Thx yo! Checked their product line via the website today & there it is, listed with the other e600 series wired mics.  Crazy indeed.

  6. you just need to pump up the gain and the volume and it will sound better than the e609. e609 makes more noise (bad noise) the shure sm57 has a better distortion sound but you need to pump up the gain and volume.
    sorry for my english, I am french 😀

  7. Wow, the e609 blows the sm57 away in this comparison. I’m glad I happened to get one before they were discontinued. lol

  8. Thanks for the demo. To my ears the Sennheiser had a warmer low-midrange which I preferred, and seemed to have a bit more of an up-front ‘presence’. The 57 sounded almost distant in comparison.

  9. Ok for clarification…the title & description all say “Sennheiser e609” mic, but you say “Sennheiser e906” in your intro. The e609 is a discontinued product now (as of today, 10/08/11), but which is it?

  10. Wow, I’m surprised at the difference in definition between the two! I have both Shure and Sennheiser products but I’m going to buy one of those e609s STAT. I watched and surprised at the other comparison you did with the D112 and SM57 and think the combo of the D112 and e609 would be great, especially since I end up micing a variety of different guitar cabs.

  11. The low end on the 57 is not great at all. The 609 picks it up better. Globally, the 609 is more defined

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