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Mic Check: Microphone Shootout Blue enCORE 100 vs Shure SM58

Lets see who will win this shootout between the legendary Shure SM58 and the new eye catching Blue enCORE 100. For these mics and tons of other pro audio gear visit proaudiostar.com, they’ll hook you up! Go to proaudiostar.com and enter the discount code WORKINGMANENCORE100 to receive a great deal on the Blue enCORE 100! Enter WORKINGMANSM58 to receive a great deal on the SHURE SM58! www.proaudiostar.com Blue enCORE 100 www.proaudiostar.com SHURE SM58 www.proaudiostar.com

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18 thoughts on “Mic Check: Microphone Shootout Blue enCORE 100 vs Shure SM58 – Global Sound”

  1. I’ve made some impressive recordings with the Yeti (for what I paid) that are located on my Yoututbe channel. Yeah, the snowball does sound weak in comparison. I literally gave mine away upon purchasing the Yeti. I’m am impressed with the mic but I think it’s about time I graduate onto a higher quality sound.

  2. I am listening to this with Sennheiser headphones too. I am impressed by the enCORE’ s consistency in frequency range at a varying distance. (Something which is harder to configure a compressor to compensate for unlike the amplitude.)

  3. hey what do you recommend for me? :p i wana do vocal covers on youtube and facebook, and well its mainly screamo, so somthing like slipknot or black veil brides. n well i dont need a complicated one since it would be my first one O.O

  4. Awesome video. Would the Blue enCORE 100 work good for walking around and interviewing people at an event? I’ve recently used a camera with the SM58 and had an interviewer walk around talking about an event and it was okay but I’ve never really used the enCORE 100 in person to know if I should get it.

  5. the 100 is straight out a 58 killer.
    cheaper, clearer, no muddy lows/mids, no harshness in the uppers at all (very natural s’s and ck’s) less feedback, actually a tighter side pattern, but deeper on-axis depth.

  6. @realjuvelive: I have used it and i am not a fan. If your using it for a mic that you dont care if it gets damaged then its a good mic for that. I would choose the Behringer XM8500

  7. @wildhorsestudios1421: Thanks! Actually I watched your video many times in order to get my bearings with this mic. I dont have the priviledge of testing a Beta 58 but the SM58 isnt bad. I use it live and it does the job nicely for a backing vocalist. I use the blue more in studio and broadcast applications. The mic in the beginning is the Blue enCORE 200. Ill be posting a video comparing the Blue 200 vs 100. Its a great mic so check back by next week and it should be up.

  8. wildhorsestudios1421

    Nice review Karl. I actually went back to using my Shure Beta 58 on stage. I like the Blue due to it’s clarity but I just like the ability to have that boominess when needed with my Shure and the gain on a Beta58 is even hotter than the SM58. I have no feedback problems with either mic. What’s the first mic you were using. Sounds pretty good and I bet even better without that windscreen on it. You can’t go wrong with either of these mics.

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