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Lose Yourself on Isle of Palms, SC

You almost jealously guard your vacations days, watching them pile up until they’ll be able to allow for a worthwhile trip to a destination worthy of your time and money. You’re happy with your life and you’re definitely thankful that you have a job to go to every day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not looking forward to getting away with what could be described as childlike glee. You dream about it at night, and want your vacation to be perfect. Perhaps you should think about focusing your near-obsession on Isle of Palms, the tropical-sounding yet attainable place known for clean, pretty beaches and an all-around good vibe.

Isle of Palms is a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina, just a few miles from Charleston and within reach of numerous other vacation magnets. There’s plenty to like about Charleston County, but something about Isle of Palms causes it to stand apart from its surroundings, and will make you glad to have chosen it.

You’d probably be interested to know that Isle of Palms has been designated a Blue Wave Beach for the past several years, meaning that it meets certain environmental standards in the eyes of the Clean Beaches Council. This is good news for anyone with global conscience and an eye for untainted sand, sparkling water, and healthy marine life. Warm but not hot summer temperatures and activities galore will complete the basic scene, so if you’ve yet to formulate a clear idea in your head, let’s get started.

The island is thought to be 25,000 years old, so as you walk around don’t be surprised to pick up on some historical stirrings beneath the surface; the Seewee Indians once called this home, and British explorers and reportedly, pirates, are said to have played a role in shaping the island’s personality. A Revolutionary War battle took place here, and the island was also changed following the Second World War when it became a community for veterans. Following the lead of nearby resort developments, Isle of Palms was soon made into an ideal pleasure land for Charleston weekenders and vacationers from all over the place.

Embrace this experience for all its worth by taking advantage of the isle’s tried and true diversions. Say goodbye to monitoring gas prices and rent a bicycle or a pair of rollerblades, as the island is well set up for pedestrians and fun-seekers. Two world-class golf courses will please the putters in the family, and if you’ve never had the chance to try your tennis game on clay courts, you’ll have the option here. Opportunities abound for staying active, so live it up and effortlessly burn a few calories.

We’ve already covered the fact that the beaches are pristine, but remember that they’re welcoming for other reasons, too. Public areas are safe and equipped for picnicking, playing beach volleyball, building sand castles, swimming, and renting boogie boards. Marinas and rental outlets will keep you supplied with everything you need, so go after what you want and end the day feeling exerted yet filled with life.

Speaking of marinas, fishing contests are common here, so anglers should be sure to bring their game. Keep your eyes peeled for the Island Turtle Team, which watches out for local turtle life and keeps track of hatchings on the beach. Go exploring by kayak or jet ski, taking in the unique barrier island coastal terrain that you’ll see nowhere else. In case you haven’t noticed, your days are going to be pretty full here.

To top everything off, make sure that your nights and your down time will be as appealing as the aforementioned outdoor activities. Do this by renting a vacation property; all your hard working and saving up will pay off big time when you find yourself living with plenty of space, privacy, and amenities. Hot tubs, fireplaces, granite counter tops…the list goes on of typical delightful details found in the array of Isle of Palms SC vacation rentals.

Go online to see for yourself, just don’t neglect this portion of your trip. You’ve been so looking forward to it, after all.

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