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Global Sound – Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 08, 2011

One in seven adults suffer from hearing loss, University of Wisconsin researchers report. With researchers also citing that one in five teens now having hearing loss, that number is likely to grow in the future, asserts Earphone Solutions, in ear noise isolating earphones retailer. The cause? UCLA audiologist Alison Grimes reports ill-fitting ear buds may be part of the problem.

Because they dont block out as much background noise, you tend to crank up the volume, says Grimes in the October edition of “Shape” magazine.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) echoes Grimes, and finds that many MP3 player listeners tune in with the volume up high, commenting that, For example, two-fifths of students and adults set the volume at loud on their Apple iPods, with students twice as likely as adults to play it very loud — 13 percent vs. 6 percent.

Now factor in noise isolating earphones to block out the background noise, and listeners are more likely to keep the volume at moderate levels, finds Flavio T., Owner, Earphone Solutions; after speaking with many of his in ear noise isolating earphone customers.

Our customers tend to be surprised by how much background sound noise isolating earphones block out. Its the difference between always having to listen to your iPod on loud with regular ear buds, and switching to noise isolating and getting the full experience with your sound at a medium level, explains Flavio.

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