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A line array needed to be repositioned to accommodate the addition or subtraction of a stage extension. Polar Focus provided the complete transition between the line array frame and the roof structure, including PE stamped drawings. The JBL Vertec line array speakers were the ‘DP’ version with amplifiers. Polar Focus also provided the cable festooning system for the speaker signal, amplifier power, motor power, and motor control.
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Crown I-T8000 Power Rating: Stereo •8 Ohm: 2100W •4 Ohm: 4000W •2 Ohm: 3500W Mono •8 Ohm: 8000W •4 Ohm: 7000W Crown I-T8000 Features: •Two-channel. •Level controls. •Slot for Crown IQ module. •Compatible with Crown IQ system. •Cirrus Logic 24-bit / 96-kHz Delta-Sigma converters for extremely low noise and extended dynamic range. •Proprietary balanced Sallen and Key 3rd-order D/A output filter, tightly coupled to the Class-I output stage for improved signal-to-noise. •Latest 32-bit Sharc digital processors by Analog Devices. •Custom-designed, true studio-quality dynamics and frequency shaping filters. •Channel Indicators •For each channel, a column of LEDs indicate a full range of amplifier diagnostics and information, including Fault, Thermal, Ready, Clip, Signal Presence and Signal Level. •Intelligent LCD Screen and controls lets you adjust the amplifier’s attenuation and muting, configure the amp, recall DSP presets, and set up and view error monitoring. The presets allow you to quickly reconfigure the amp for various applications. •Indicators: Power, Data and Bridge Mode. •Power Switch: Glows green when AC power is present at the power cord. •AC mains circuit breaker offers extra protection for the amplifier. •Balanced analog XLR inputs. •Balanced analog XLR daisy-chain outputs. •Input Ground Lift Switch. •AES/EBU Digital Input XLR Connector. • Active Link/Out Connector. •Accepts a connector from a TCP/IQ network cable. •LINK ACT indicator shows network activity. •100

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