Life Without Music is Unthinkable

Life Without Music is Unthinkable

It is impossible to think about a world without music. We are most definitely inspired by music. We need music like the plants and flowers need the rain and the sun to grow. Music is our heart and soul.

We live in a world that thrives on music on every corner of the globe. There are many different musical instruments played by people all around the world. Some instruments are unique to a certain country or place. People sing and dance and people come alive with the sounds of great music. We are passionate about music and we absolutely love it.

Personally I really love many different kinds of music and I am able to really appreciate and relate to music from various countries far and wide. It makes a massive difference when your travelling to be able to identify with other peoples culture, music and food.

Depending on my mood I can listen to pop, country, rock, classical, opera, folk, jazz (old style), reggae, Latin, African, Caribbean, European and so much more. It definitely helps to be versatile in your listening tastes. My musical influence hopefully affects other people positively! I certainly would like to think so anyway.

Every continent of our world contributes to our global musical phenomena. However the continents with the biggest influence on the rest of the world are most definitely Africa, North and South America and Europe. There are so many wonderful, inspiring rhythms and sounds that have a lasting, profound effect on our very soul. Musical influences cross national boundaries and further develop the blending of different sounds.

Many of today’s songwriters and artists are successfully able to harness the mixture of continental and musical influences. The end result is often a brilliant fusion of sound, which is a balance of different cultures.

Let yourself be absorbed and overtaken by the wonder of music. Music will often deal with your worries, your stress, your family issues and whatever else that is not going right in your life and take your mind to a beautiful place far away. At least for awhile your mind will be at rest simultaneously soothed by the musical sounds and positive thoughts that swamp your brain.

Many songs or instrumental pieces of music will last with us forever. We place ourselves in a certain place and time and often distinctly remember who we were with and what we did that very day, even when it may well have been many years ago. There is a positive connection with your right creative brain and music.

This is ultimately the thing that music leaves an indelible mark on our mind and every time this happens our lives become and are all the more richer for the experiences. May our world never be without music.

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martin jeszke

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I live in the UK currently, married with my Italian wife with 2 grown up children. My daughter has graduated from university and has since landed herself an excellent job in Human Resources. My son is in his final year of university.

Now my time is spent with Telecoms Consultancy and increasingly more so as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. I’ve also been involved with Personal Development for over 16 years both in the corporate world and now with ongoing training.

My mentors are Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Stephen Pierce.

I am increasingly passionate about writing, which includes Blogging, Articles, Newsletters and Web Site Copywriting. Interests: Photography, Guitar, Music, Yoga, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Reading, Web Publishing and Impersonating.

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