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20 thoughts on “Learn how to mic your guitar amp or cabinet and all about microphones Audix Shure dynamic cardioid – Global Sound”

  1. Could i record a guitar amp with my Condenser mic or would it pick up too much sound? If so is the diference with for example a shure sm57 worth the extra €100? Thanks!

  2. what do I need for recording my singing while playing electrical guitar? I have just watched a review about the MXL 990/991 combo and I got confused. what do I need for vocal and combo amp? also what software to record a song for youtube?
    Thanks for the feedback

  3. “Pushed air”. Plugging an amp straight into a mixing deck will give you a very processed sound. And it’s simply not as powerful as what you’d hear coming from the speaker of your amp. Simple as that.

  4. I’m looking at the Blue Bluebird condenser mic to mic my guitar and guitar amp. Is it okay to use just one mic when I mic my cab? I see these people using five different mics on one amp. Any of your help would be great!

  5. brand new strings dont stay in tune well either unless you buy DR strings and others that are handwound

  6. QUESTION- I’m wondering if I can simultaneously plug a microphone and a guitar into my cube60. I’ve done it before (years ago) and it worked fine so i’m not REALLY worried about “blowing the speaker by overloading it” as many, many people seem to have warned against. Plus I like the reverb on my voice. But I’ve forgotten how I did it and what leads it involved or where I plugged what in etc. and I have a gig in 3 days and I’ve got cold feet suddenly about whether this is going to work 🙁

  7. David, great video. I bought a Audix i5 and love it, great mic for $89 I also have a AT-4040 Condenser and I am having trouble finding the perfect spot to record with each of my mics. I’m miking up an Egnater 2×12 Cab with has Elite 80’s which are pretty much the same as Lead 80’s. Great Cab, it rivals my friends 4×12 cabs 🙂 My At-4040 is so sensitive that the slightest change in mic position make a big difference. How close to the grill cloth would you get with that Condenser, or a Ribbon?

  8. I have an AKG perception 120, could you help me saying if it’s gonna work well??? it’s for a home studio. (I’m a metal player) PLEASE help!.

  9. Also haven’t tried Erine ball with my Seymour Duncan JB pickups. Probably would be great as well.

  10. I’ve gained a little experience with strings and find it all really depends on your pickups, and Amp and or Cabinet. I’ve been using Elixir and Erine Ball regular slinky strings. With EMG and Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups I find that Erine Ball is number 1, Elixir is Number 2, and D’Addario’s aren’t really that great what I play Rock N’ Metal. Now some Jazz musicians swear by D’Addario’s and people that use there cleans the most with amplifer.

  11. D`Addario strings are the worst piece of shit strings u can get, no matter what anybody else says. They break easily and give u a horrid tone. Get Elixir brand strings and ull be good to go. They have an extremely sexy sound specially when they`re brand new.

  12. hi..i have a question.. i am an amateur and i dont exactly understand it.. using a mic like that.. right before the cabinet it is using to recording a sound from cabinet or it is using on the concert for live playing music?? i saw it many times on the concert using like that.. but i dont understand..

  13. i just bought an AKG 112D for my bass drum but can i use it for my fender twin amp, for recording?

  14. If your amp wasnt loud enough for a large gig you could mic it up to play through the venues speakers at a higher volume 🙂

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