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Kyosho DBX VE Brushless 1/10 Buggy (Official Video)

The Kyosho DBX VE is a sport-class off-road racer that comes fully factory assembled with a Team Orion Vortex 10 2800 Kv brushless motor and a Team Orion Experience 2 Pro speed controller. With it’s extra-long arm suspension, the DBX is nearly the same dimensions as a 1/8-scale buggy and…

My Review of the dbx professional products 266XL dual Compressor/Gate. *Sorry at various points during this video i mentioned ‘limiter’ please note that this 266XL is only a compressor/gate product however could act as a limiter with ratios set to very high points. The 266XL has both Insert input/output as well as XLR in & Out. All information contained in this video is of personal opinion only. For proper technical specifications and information please visit the dbx website. Sorry this video was not filmed in HD but I hope it helps anyway! Any questions, leave me a comment and i’ll get back to you ASAP! Cheers, Brad.

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21 thoughts on “Kyosho DBX VE Brushless 1/10 Buggy (Official Video) – Global Sound”

  1. @Ashrofa505

    All of the video shot here was with a 2S Team Orion battery. A 3S is not needed, but a simple ESC upgrade with allow 3S or more.

  2. @ski5squad5

    For this particular version, it included an AM radio with a rather long collapsible antenna. The newer DBX 2.0 version comes with a very long range 2.4 GHz radio with very short antennas on the car and the transmitter.

  3. Dude, am planning to get a new DBX VE, but am concerning about the speed, thats why am sad because it won’t work with 3S anymore.
    My question is, does it go fast well with the 2S ?

  4. where could you buy parts for this cause my near by hobby store does not carry parts for it. what website would be the best??

  5. @SPRCVIDEO Hi, I`ve had this car for a while it rocks!!. What would the speed be if I used a 3s lipo from team Orion?

  6. The camera is a Sony PMW EX3. Some of video is shot at 1080 30fps. You can see a little framing in that video due to the standard frame rate. The video where the slow motion is sharper and more fluid was shot at 720p 60 fps. There are cheaper cameras that can get comparable results in bright sunlight. I have this camera for the extra range it has in less than ideal conditions. But you can get something for 1/10 the cost that should give you so pretty clean slow-mo.

  7. Yes, it is. It’s also Cody at 3:33 drilling himself in the pills doing the same move in another part of the skate park. ;o)

  8. This car is one of the best deals on the market today..

    $249.00 ready to run..It’s got a $160.00 brushless system in it, so you basically get the car and radio for $90.00..

    Seriously..I’m thinking about getting one to convert into either an electric DRT or DRX..For that price, you just can’t pass this up…

  9. The speed would be approximately 30 mph without any other changes. If speed is your objective, you can also increase the size of the pinion gear, which can increase the speed to upwards of 50 mph. A Lipo battery will help to increase the speed as well, as they have higher nominal voltage and maintain higher voltage under load.

  10. dude, please take out about 200 of the “ummm”‘s. Hard to follow when the speech pattern is “ummm” every other word.

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