Kyosho DBX 2.0 VE Brushless Electric Off-Road Racer

Kyosho DBX 2.0 VE Brushless Electric Off-Road Racer

The Kyosho DBX 2.0 VE is a blend of modern design and technology that combines to create one of the most exciting high-performance ready-to-run vehicles on the market. It’s factory assembled so it’s ready to go in a matter of minutes, and it’s powerful – REALLY powerful. the new Orion motor and ESC that are standard in the 2.0 VE are a step up from previous systems in all respects, the most significant of which is the ability to handle a strong 3S Lipo battery. The added power of a 3S pack and the new 2800 Kv motor easily produce speeds of over 55 mph (89 k/ph). The DBX is part of the D-series, which is a line of vehicles that are designed to maximumize the use of common parts. In doing so, it reduces the number of unique parts needed to build the car, which makes it efficient and economical. In addition to making the D-series vehicles more affordable in the shops, it also reduces the number of parts needed to make repairs. That makes the cost of ownership more affordable as well. At its core is a solid shaft drive system, which has proven worthly of handling the power of a strong .18 nitro engine, and now the big ponies of the Team Orion motor. It’s easy to maintain and it’s got a wide range of options to customize and tailor its looks and performance to each owner. The Team Orion R10 ESC is somewhat of an anamaly in the RTR segement. Where other brands are stripping as many features as possible from their electronics, Team Orion chose some special features for R10 to

The DBX 2.0 is the latest version of the “D” series vehicles, and it’s a major performance upgrade from the original DBX buggy. The changes increase the level of performance to a level that makes the 2.0 the ideal entry-level vehicle for someone wanting to get into the exciting world of off-road buggy racing and bashing. It’s based on a 1/10-scale chassis but has nearly the same dimensions as an 1/8-scale buggy. The lightweight but durable construction combined with the powerful new GXR18SP engine gives the 2.0 a power-to-weight ratio that rivals some 1/8-scale racing machines.

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  1. Running in the sand is different, but not so much in that it harms the car any more so than dirt. In fact, sand particles are much larger than dirt, so they don’t get into the bearings as easily, and the car is easier to clean.

  2. 2800kv motor doesn’t suit on this buggy. When it speeds on straight surface, its look like savage flux hp going on 2wheels. At least 2200kv suitable on this small guy.

  3. Ray-Ray, that’s my neighbor Rocko. I don’t think he’s going to like being called “old.” ;o)

  4. The heavy diff fluid replaced the grease, which was allowing too much action in the center diff. The 60K Kyosho Silicone Oil settles it right down and it starts to drive with a better balance of power output front and rear. When running with 3S and just the grease in the center diff, the front tires are at risk for blowing out due to the multiplying effect the free center diff brings to the equation.

  5. The battery is a Team Orion 3S 3800 45C, which will surely contribute to the punch needed to wheelie, but I think the tires and the diff fluid contributed as well. The stock tires are a hard compound, which tend to slip on the asphalt. The tires I used in the parking lot segment were soft compound AKA Citiblocks. These provided enough traction to wheelie easily. The paddle tires were also deadly in the sand. I put 60K Kyosho Diff Fluid (SIL60000) in the center diff, which also makes wheelies.

  6. What batteries did you use, cause I use a 3s batterie (3200mah, 25c) and it doesn’t make wheelys.

  7. @motomex79

    Send me a message with the part numbers you’re wanting to replace, and I’ll track them down at a source that’s convenient for you, or we’ll take care of it directly (we’re only able to help within north America).

  8. ive already look at those places, is there another vehicle that shares the same parts with it? because they don’t have anything either 

  9. @TheMm77mmdd

    Not really. This engine is designed for use with 20-25percent nitro. The difference between them is not really noticeable.

  10. There are a number of online resources where you can get parts. Two big ones are amainhobbies.cöm and absolutehobbyz.cöm, or you can contact Kyosho America if you’re in North America.

  11. @raZer979

    Yes, of course. That is exactly who this car is designed for. It’s a nitro car so there a little more challenge to starting with this version than say the VE model, which is brushless electric powered.

  12. I bought a Kyosho 1:10 FORD RS-200 in 1994, & the old bugger still runs,it has a .10 engine ,4 wd rally car ,I put a 2 speed gear setup when I 1st bought it. goes well,..I am going to buy one off these soon 2011,…Bloody reliable ….RC cars & buggys.

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