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World-Class guitarist Frank Gambale plays the Yamaha CPX900 acoustic-electric guitar at Kraft Music. Find exclusive Yamaha CPX-series acoustic-electric guitar BUNDLE packages at Kraft Music. Our guitar bundles ship with everything you’ll need for home, studio or stage at one low price.

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17 thoughts on “Kraft Music – Yamaha CPX900 Performance with Frank Gambale – Global Sound”

  1. There, somewhere, anywhere  must be a God!
    Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!
    Poor is that has no hearing.
    Oh Dear, I’m happy for my ears!!!
    Thank a lot!

  2. It’s actually a song called “Another Challenger” from his album “Natural High”. Having said that, if you listen to the original or the other versions on YouTube, you’ll notice there’s a fair bit of improvisation going on.

  3. Is it just me or does he look like uncle fester without the lightbulb in his mouth? Frank is a fantastic player, I had a video of his when he had hair that showed how to write chord progressions for songs and all the different modes. Very useful.

  4. Frank is an amazing musician making this beautiful instrument sing to its full potential, Before I die I will own one of these guitars and maybe I will have a fraction of the talent of this man whewww

  5. I dont know who the hell that white dude is playing but DAMN HE GOT SOUL AND he is ROCKING THAT GUITAR LIKE A MUG

  6. Hi,
    It looks like the CPX15 is no longer available from Yamaha. The CPX15 was hand built in Japan and sold for around $1800 USD. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns.

    Dave McCullough
    Kraft Music Marketing

  7. is the CPX15 still in production? cause many people have said it was a limited edition production with, from what i heard, beautiful craftmanship. if its still in production, how much would it cost?

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