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Kidd & Kutski Experience (Creamfields 2010)

Some footage the mine and Alex Kidd’s latest live project “Kidd & Kutski Experience” at Creamfields 2010!! Live mashup’s, re-edits, scratching, turntablism using the latest DJ tech!! The technical rider for this gig was as Follows: 3x Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3 Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer Pioneer DJM 909 Mixer Vestax VCI 300 (Running Serato Itch) If you like this, make sure to check out our cover mount CD on Mixmag September 2010, or catch us live a festival throughout the (remaining) summer!!

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12 thoughts on “Kidd & Kutski Experience (Creamfields 2010) – Global Sound”

  1. GmodRandomCollection

    At 3:54 is Doctor P – Sweet Shop, just found it and then remembered I heard it on this a while back. So I thought I would do my random act of kindness for the day 😀

  2. nevernsquarecircus

    If you like this get the back issue of mixmag with their cd some amazing tracks. Best is called future

  3. very nice and i definitely recommend checking out the back issue of mixmag with their cd. that activator remix of “welcome to the record shop” is wayyyyyyy too good. “do ya think you can sing it for me?”

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