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Kelly Clarkson performs Dark Side Buy now: “Dark Side” from Kelly’s album, ‘Stronger’.
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20 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side (2012 Billboard Music Awards) – Global Sound”

  1. Literally took the words right out of my mouth. Those are my favorite Idols. <3 But Kelly is beyond epic. LOVE her no matter what. 🙂

  2. She sounded so good and I like how she change the ending just a lil bit. She made seem so sincere the way she song the last part. She has really grown as a artist. Ever CD she comes out it banging and that is coming from someone who mostly listen to r&b and hip hop. She a pop rock artist and like her music.

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  4. lol. she sings bad at concert? YOU CAN NEVER READ AN ARTICLE ABOUT HER DOING BAD AT CONCERT. if you found one, do give me a link

  5. godamn it, these fuckers in the crowd clapping along with the motherfucking need to shut the hell up and stop clapping

  6. i don’t think you’ve seen enough live performances. she’ll amaze you if you keep youtubing her.

  7. she sings bad at conserts but on music videos rockin not to be mean she is awesome she is my role model

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