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Global Sound – (PRWEB) July 2, 2004

Dear Sister In Christ,

The Women In Ministry Network is not a church, and is not apart of any church. It is a bible believing fellowship of women across the nation with no denominational hindrances,that address the many needs of women worldwide; regardless of race,creed or religious background.

We offer support, fellowship, retreats, conferences, tours, character building biblical education training and more.

Sister In Christ, we’re seeking your assistance in helping us to build a worldwide “Women In Ministry Network” of women ministries across the nation,of like interest. (Mark 16:15)

For different women with different backgrounds require different anointed gifted women to assist in their need.(1Cor.12)

Prayerfully seek the Lord, if you are to be apart of this networking assignment for such a time as this, to teach sound doctrine (Titus 1:9) and mentor holiness to women as a everyday way of living. (Titus 2:3)

If Pepsi Cola can network with KFC and Taco Bell for the purpose of feeding America for a profit, then why can’t the women of Christ band together to feed the world spiritually.

All networkers must be willing to support,assist,fellowship and learn from one another.

Women of God, know that there will be struggles and sacrifices in this network; and if your not ready for the commitment of networking, traveling, ministrering and pushing not just your vision, but the vision of your fellow sister.

Then do not join!

The leaders in this network will consist of those who are fed up with church as usual and are ready to do the work of the ministry.

Serval conferences will be conducted by the network members throughout each year.

Note For Selected Speakers

(you must be a member of the “Women In Ministry Network” to be a speaker

If you register as a speaker and are selected a refundable cash registration fee will be required and fully refunded in cash upon your arrival.

If you are a selected speaker and do not show up your registration fee will NOT be refunded.

a 10 – 20% of the offering will be given to all selected speakers

Those’s who have been faithful active networkers for a least 9 months out of a networking year will be selected & invited first to speak

How do I become a member of the Women In Ministry Fellowship;

In order to join W.I.M.N, you must send in the requested information listed below. An audio series designed to introduce you to the vision of this fellowship MAY be mailed to you at your request to further help you understanding the blessings of working in unity / networking. We look forward to you joining us!

Is Membership Necessary:

We see membership as a commitment to obey God’s word , and we invite you to join us. We believe that membership places you under the spiritual covering of God’s order in his word and allows you to become a part of the vision that God has given this Body. Membership is not required to attend meetings, but it is required for anyone interested in working in any of our departmental ministries.

And “You are a member of God’s own family…and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian.” —Ephesians 2:19

Is There A Membership Fee; YES


At the end of each networking year, a 2 night 3 day Women In Ministry International Conference will be conducted in Williamsburg, Virginia around March; at the Five Star Williamsburg Hospitality House;

or a 4 night 5 Day Mrytle Beach, SC meeting held in September at the Anderson INN Properties.

As well as several state conferences and district branch meetings held throughout the year.

Your small monthly fee will help make it possible for us to cover the cost of media advertisement, facility rentals and to help support our state & district branches.

Brief Membership Description:

State Leaders:

Hold a high position for they govern ALL the Women In Ministry Network branches under their state by helping to establish successfull and effective leaders and ministries while organizing state conferences and more; They have full benefits as a member.

District Branches:

Hold regular fellowship women meetings in their district geared toward building stronger women in Christ while working with their state leader and others Women In Ministry Network Centers Worldwide; They have full benefits as a member.

Ministry Representative / Members:

Are full supporters of the network vision; as well as their their state & local districts. They represent the network where ever they are and may be available to travel, help and assist where needed in establishment of the network; They have full benefits as a member.

Membership Fee’s:

There Is A min. $ 30.00 per month fee for State Leaders (full benefits)

There Is A min. $ 20.00 per month fee for District Branch Leaders (full benefits)

There Is A min. $ 15.00 per month fee for all Ministry Representative / Members (full benefits)

Basic Membership FREE – will receive newsletters, event mailing etc.

Financial Covenant Members – 10% ministry discounts, receive newsletters, event mailing etc.

What Fee’s Do & Do Not Cover

Your sleeping room accommodation

Travel arrangements

For Representative / Members.

Fee’s Will Cover

More benefits for State & District leader are not listed

For State Leaders- State Licensing Certificate

District Leaders- City Licensing Certificate

Sleeping room accommodation For State & District Leaders

800 Number for State & some Districts

Travel arrangements For State & District Leaders

Ministry advertisement

Discounts on conference material & vender Tables

One meal at annual conferences.

Full Ministry References For All Members

Travel Aids

Refundable registration fee for selected speakers at conferences.

35% conference registration discount for All who will not be speaking.

Available Ministry Positions

Personal ministry Assistance, if needed.

Travel expenses if the network has to send you somewhere to represent them.

Open doors of ministering opportunities

Online listing in our data base of affiliated ministries.

With being a FULL member of this network you also have accessable services to:

Event Site Selectors

Event Planners

Leadership School

Editors & Authors

Web Designers

Business Administrators

Special Services

CD Designers

Radio & TV

Audio & Video Production and much more

No payments are due now! for all questions call 804.437.9081 office



If you would like to be a member,

mail the following requested Information to:

Women In Ministry Network C/O Woman of Purpose P. O. Box 9484 Richmond VA. 23228

allow 7-14 business days to process.

If you do not have ALL the information listed below, Inform us on what you do have; and a decision will be made.

For State & District Leaders

(this is for ministry leaders only)

Note To All Future State & District Leaders The Women In Ministry Network Require More of You for You Will Be Handling Ministry Finances.

One Active Bank Reference on their letterhead of how you have handled your account within 12 months (State & District Only)

Two References from someone who knows your leadership abilities & mental stability (State & District Only)

Copy of I.D (State & District Only)

A self address stamped envelope

Your statement of faith/belief

Your ministry history/background


Audio or video tape of yourself

Statement of why you would like to network with this ministry

For Ministry Representatives

A self address stamped envelope

Your statement of faith/belief

1 reference who know your Christians status.

Your Christian history / background

Your Photo

An Audio or Video Tape if you are a speaker

Statement of why and how you would like to assist this ministry

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