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JBL VRX 900 Setup Two test

i give full credit to the maker of these songs and the remixer i hired the JBL VRX 900 Powered They sound greate i rate them 9.5/10 i’m just testing them out nothing great

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2 thoughts on “JBL VRX 900 Setup Two test – Global Sound”

  1. the mic on video rec doesnt pick up the low ends as well, but when stand next to them or 15m away at half level you can feel it, hear it, and see it shake your neigbours house.

    but i really dont like these subs they are powered which are always hit the peak of the amp, which makes the low end sound shit, but they do well as a pair at halls that have seating of 500people. i would pref the srx subs or no-powered vrx subs

  2. hmm the sub isn’t exactly pushing as hard as i’d expect form such a system and however off course i do know that this is just a test for fun i wonder how this system sounds if you’re standing next to it,
    (for it’s selling price i guess it sounds phenomenal)

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