jbl vertec line array at monterey ca. fair grounds

sub and mid-his vertec series

www.ccisolutions.com Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions gives a complete overview of the JBL Vertec VT4886 line array speaker system. The VT4886 Subcompact Passive Three-Way Line Array Element is designed to deliver high-quality reinforcement of music and speech in a wide variety of applications including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types for both portable users and fixed venue installations. Key Features: – A true 3-way system, unique to the subcompact category – Highest component density and highest SPL output in its class – Variable curvature vertical (0-15 degrees) or modular, constant curvature horizontal line array – Integrated Mid/High waveguide provides precise vertical wavefront control and optimized 110 degree horizontal dispersion – Four midrange transducers with Thermomaster® cooling and Radiation Boundary Integrator® technology – Low frequency diffraction absorber eliminates cavity resonance and cabinet edge diffraction effects – Flexible installation accessories and dedicated OEM factory presets provide unparalleled application versatility The VT4886 is a very compact, lightweight enclosure housing two 6.5″ low frequency transducers, four 2.5″ midrange components and two 1″ high frequency compression drivers. Advanced component design and density provide an extremely high power-to-weight ratio with more SPL output than other systems in its class.
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  1. Brysonbookertelevion

    Does anybody know what kind of concert speakers they used before the popularity of line arrays like in the 90’s 80’s or 70’s I’ve been researching this for years.

  2. How much are those JBL speakers? I`m planning on buying a sound system and renting it and I`m interested in what you have for speakers. What board do you use? Analog or Digital?

  3. The DB Tech DVAT4 would of been GREAT for this place … Small Simple Easy to Rig and Kick Ass … Could of used 6 a side with 2 subs a side and since they are self powered NO AMP RACKS … About a 1/3 of the weight you have there now .. AND YOUR Getting OLD … Lighter is Better …. LOL…LOL…

  4. que onda picudo…
    buen sonido… un poco over kill, pero que onda ya no usas crown macrotech I veo que trais QSCs…
    keep it rocking..

  5. 4888s? great box. hows it go with the QSC amps? we got Itech 6ks running the Vertec 4888 rig. SRX 728s running for subs though.

  6. individually yes when they are pinned tother like they are no. The top speakers are about 115 lbs a piece the subs are about 160 each. That rig is a good sounding rig its just a little too much for the area we sometimes do the same venue during the rock n’ rod car show with eaw 850 combo stacks. it all depends on ehat the client wants. were you there for the cherry poppin daddies that show sounded really good.

  7. I hated this rig, this is my rig and its really not the right rig for the venue plus putting the 88s on top of the 80 was a pain in the butt.

  8. Well, it all depends on their design. You can never have anything in direct contact with the voice coils, but they usually have an aluminum cap or something and the heatsink could be up against that. I can’t be certain since I don’t have insight into their actual design. I was just saying external heatsinks can be used in a passive speaker

  9. but the heatsink to work would have to be connect to the voice coils which is a moving mass. are the speakers ported or sealed?

  10. Yup. It’s gonna get hot if you run at full power. It hardly gets warm when I usually use it. But line arrays are designed to run at full power for hours on end which will definitely heat up the coils and everything around them, hence the passive heat sinks on the box.

  11. haha wow, that’s crazy. i have a thermal % warning and protection circuit on my i-tech HD but never really had to use it since I don’t play that loud in my room haha

  12. Pretty hot! My sub nearly melted the plastic sticker I accidentally left on it when I ran it at full power for an hour one day, and that is nowhere near the power handling of line arrays.

  13. Do you know how hot the coils get on these things? They’re pushing massive amounts of power to get those high level outputs and that will cause a lot of heat in the coils. Heat sink will help dissipate that heat, extending the life, quality, and power of the speakers.

  14. ╭━━━╮╭━━━╮┈┏┓╭━━━╮

  15. Im sorry shud have asked you in detailed . what i wanted to ask is wether to go for JBL vrx series or vertec 4886 ? whats the difference between both. i love your reviews , very much in detail you explain. Thank you

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