jbl vertec 4888 sound check-BY SCOTTISH FOR SOUND AND LIGHT -PALESTINE

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The tale of a one of a kind sound installation that took place last july.
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26 thoughts on “jbl vertec 4888 sound check-BY SCOTTISH FOR SOUND AND LIGHT -PALESTINE”

  1. EONs are generally garbage in my opinion, but I work regularly with a VRX900 system in a theater and Vertec 4889 for big shows and they never disappoint.

  2. Well everyone is going about jb, nexo, qsc, yamaha but Meyer, L-acoustics and dnb audiotechnik BUT youre all forgetting about one the best of all is Funktion One, is so good the makers dont want you to play any song lower than 192kbs so that their system wont get a bad name

  3. Hi, I am an 18 year old pre-med student, who is a fanatic about concerts. I am currently trying to raise enough money to buy a $6,500 TVI Mini Passive Line Array. Then to set it up in a local and empty Runnings Fleet and Farm Building. Is there anyone that would support me or are there any sponsors out there that can help my small dream, possibly even to make it a life career. Thank You anyone please reply.

  4. Omar Octavio Vargas

    Soundcraft is a Harman product. JBL is a Harman Product. I have an SRX system and an Eon System and they both sound beautiful. I also have JBL studio monitors that I use with my Soundcraft LX7ii. I don’t understand why you say JBL is loud but junk. I previously used QSC amplifiers to power two JRX115 loudspeakers and two JRX 125 Loudspeakers, but I find that Crown gives me much more power and the sound when paired with monster cables is amazing. Crown is also a Harman product

  5. the Faital’s aren’t very long stroke, the drivers in the JBL VT4880A can reach 3.5″ before damage. THAT’S JBL for ya…

  6. doubleslottedflaps

    JBL = Junk But Loud ! FaitalPro 18xl1500,Ciare 12NDH-4,Beyma CP750/TI,DDS 90X40,Beyma CP22 is the ultimate powered by QSC 3500 & 3800 , Soundcraft , Klark-Tekink , etc. No Junk But Loud for us.

  7. 112-116 db is ideal for open air. and I have never seen better system for that than CODA AUDIO we own Meyer sound milo and its a top dog but when I heard CODA at the rock werchter … it was another level….

    Regarding to JBL… the new vertec is also very good one of teh best may be but for classic music I prepare L-acoustics K-1 , Martin Audio, Coda or Meyer sound. for rock EAW, NEXO and JBL Along with already mentioned systems.

  8. 106 of the 4889! That’s serious sound quality there. I have 8 I’m thinking about selling… would love to keep them, but not with the new career – there’s just no time to handle shows and it’s a waste to just keep them in storage when they can provide such awesome sound.

  9. the company i work with has 36 ov the 4887’s, and i have to say i don’t care for them as much as the 88’s or 89’s. The new 4886 subcompact line array is suppost to be the new best thing on the market with the dual 12′ subwoofers. I’m trying to get my hands on a few to try them out.

  10. 2bad meyers woulda kicked butt for a system like this… with a pm5d or xl8 for board some milos and mica’s for mains/fills/delays and some 700-hp and 650p’s for subs coulda kicked butt so much better!

  11. I stayed in a hotel they had JBL everything they had these vertec speakers Massive they were and those huge subs

  12. Ive been a JBL fan for 20 years, around this summertime this year.
    JBL also has the most powerful THX cinema in the United Kingdom at total wicked 56KW over its original JBL 13KW THX.

    Nice too see that JBL has done a good cause for global warming issues.

  13. Might want to to invest a new breaker in the basement. And a higher home insurance coverage ;). You can get 2 sets (2 cabs) for about 12k.

  14. we used a vertec at CEMF in Kitchener ON this year, sounded great. I am partial to l’acoustics d-vdosc in smaller venues, clair i3 in medium, or i4 in large.

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